Fred and Gregory are at a local coffee shop.

FRED: You do realise that the only thing that she doesn’t control is when you take a dump? (He chuckles.)

GREGORY: Listen, if a Number 2 could be enjoyed in public spaces she would criticize how loud I fart and tell me to sit up straight because it’s a bad reflection on her.

FRED: Quickly buries his bursting mouthful of coffee into a flexed elbow to avoid showering other patrons with coffee.

GREGORY: (Amused) You laugh … I know they say men tend to marry women who remind them of their mothers, but this is ridiculous.

FRED: (Dabbing his mouth with a serviette, and grinning) And we all know how much you love your mother.

GREGORY: (Smiles mischievously) It’s a pity you didn’t actually choke on that coffee.


Tell us: Do think there is any truth in this comment about marrying people like our mothers/fathers?