HIV/Aids testing

Mosala is afraid to get tested for HIV/Aids. Although the illness itself is always a scary prospect, what he perhaps fears most is how people will react to and treat him once they know his status. He fears the “irrational stigma and fear” that surrounds HIV/Aids. People often react unreasonably when confronted with the unknown and this is why it is important that we demystify the illness. HIV/Aids is easily treatable and if managed correctly, does not have to have any impact on your social and romantic life. It is the stigma surrounding HIV/Aids that often inhibits people like Mosala from getting tested sooner and seeking treatment. The first step is to learn more. You can read further about HIV/Aids here

Social media

While social media can be a useful tool for sharing information and fostering community, it is also easily abused. I am sure many of us can empathise with Sinazo’s situation: We get upset and then turn to social media to blow off steam. We thoughtlessly say things without intending the consequences that follow. Social media can feel like a space for personal expression and so the line between private and public often becomes blurry. We therefore need to be careful with the private information we put out on social media. The consequences of publicly “outing” someone about their HIV status or any other private matter can be severe. It can severely impact people’s lives, as it did in Mosala’s case. Think before you post.