Mosala and Sinazo are on a date at a busy restaurant. Sinazo is making lively conversation, but Mosala is quiet and moody. A young waiter approaches them.

WAITER: Can I get you something to drink?

SINAZO: Yes, I’d like a glass of white wine.

MOSALA: A Black Label for me please.

The waiter leaves.

SINAZO: Anyway, so I had a long chat with Ameera about how important it is to cut toxic people out of your life. You need to be ruthless about that, otherwise people take advantage of you.

MOSALA: (hesitantly): I guess so…

SINAZO: Do you not agree?

MOSALA: I don’t know, sometimes it’s more complicated than that.

SINAZO: So you think Ameera should just forgive and forget and continue hanging out with these people?

MOSALA: No, but you don’t gotta to be “ruthless” about it…

SINAZO: People will exploit you in this life. You need to be firm and surround yourself with the right people. I’ve been hurt too many times. I said the same to Bessie about her new boyfriend. I can see the way he treats her, she needs to get out of that relationship. But she’s so in love with him she can’t even see straight. There aren’t many decent men like you out there.

Mosala can’t look her in the eye. He seems very uncomfortable.

SINAZO: What’s the matter?

MOSALA: No, nothing.

The waiter arrives with their drinks.

WAITER: Here you go. Are you ready to order?

SINAZO: Yes, I’ll have the veggie burger please, with sweet potato fries.

MOSALA: And I’ll have the beef burger with regular fries.

SINAZO: Thank you!

Exit waiter. Sinazo observes Mosala carefully. He is getting increasingly agitated.

MOSALA: I ordered a Black Label, not a Castle, but whatever…

SINAZO: Are you sure you’re okay?

MOSALA: I’ve just had a long day.

SINAZO: I thought you don’t have any classes on Thursday?

MOSALA: Yeah, but I have an assignment due. It’s stressing me out.

The waiter enters once more.

WAITER: Sorry to bother again, but I just wanted to make sure of your order. (To Mosala) Sir, did you say you want the veggie burger as well?

MOSALA: (aggressively) No, I said I want the beef burger with regular fries.

WAITER: Of course, sorry sir.

Exit waiter. Sinazo is taken aback.

SINAZO: That was unnecessary.

MOSALA: He already got my drinks order wrong!

SINAZO: Mosala, if you don’t want to tell me what’s wrong then that’s fine, but you’re not very pleasant company at the moment.

Mosala is quiet for a moment. He readies himself.

MOSALA: I’m sorry. This week has been very difficult. I don’t really know what to do with myself.

SINAZO: Do you want to talk about it?

He takes a deep breath.

MOSALA: Sinazo, I need to tell you something. Or confess to something. When you asked me whether or not I had been tested for HIV the other day at the GBV protest… I lied to you.

SINAZO: (shocked) What?

MOSALA: I guess I was ashamed and the lie just came out…

Sinazo takes a moment to process the information.

SINAZO: Okay, but we have had many similar conversations since then where you could have just told me the truth?

MOSALA: I know, but I’m telling you now.

SINAZO: Why now?

MOSALA: Because on Tuesday I got tested and I’m HIV positive. Okay?

Sinazo is speechless.

MOSALA: There’s nothing I can do about it. Take it or leave it.

SINAZO: What if we had slept together? I trusted you.

MOSALA: Look, I’m sorry. I’m sorry I lied to you, but I am going through a lot as well right now.

SINAZO: What about all your exes? Do they know? Or are you lying to them as well?

MOSALA: I got diagnosed like two days ago!

Sinazo: You endangered women’s lives because you were too cowardly to get tested like everyone else. And then you go around lying to people about it.

MOSALA: Is this how you respond when someone close to you tells you that they have been diagnosed with a serious illness? You who claims to be such a compassionate person?

SINAZO: Did you expect me to be chilled about the fact that you lied to me about having HIV?

MOSALA: I just hoped you would be able to consider how I feel right now and not be so self-centred for once!

SINAZO: Oh, I am being self-centred?

MOSALA: Can’t you see what I am going through right now?

SINAZO: I don’t have to put up with this.

Sinazo gets up and storms out of the restaurant. Mosala is once again left to himself.