Thabo and Amanda are at the sports field, watching Kelly shake hands with the other players. Her coach comes to talk to her and she looks excited after the chat. She waves them over onto the pitch after her coach leaves.

THABO: Hey, Kelly, great game.

KELLY: Thanks. It was tough but we made it.

THABO: Thanks to you – you saved us.


THABO: Yes, us. I’m one of you now; my blood is green and black, the colours of our school.

AMANDA: I keep telling her she’s that good, but she’s always wanting perfection.

Kelly ignores Amanda and looks at Thabo.

KELLY: You’ll do well here. I hear you’re a Makhaya Ntini back home, Thabo.

THABO: Who have you been talking to?

KELLY: Oh, I have my sources.

THABO: I had a good team. If your … our team here is as good, maybe I’ll play.

KELLY: But I hear you have another speciality.

THABO: Who is your source?

KELLY: I don’t kiss and tell.

They both laugh.

THABO: Whoever you’ve been talking to is right – I play basketball and cricket, but you guys don’t have basketball, so …

KELLY: You could take up hockey, you know, learn a new sport.

THABO: I should, shouldn’t I?

KELLY: Awesome.

AMANDA: Try-outs are over already, not so, Kelly?

KELLY: Yeah, but I can talk to coach and vouch for you.

THABO: That’ll be great. And maybe you could just show me a few tricks I could use some to impress him. I hear you’re our very own Ellen Hoog, sexy and deadly with a puck.

KELLY: Oh please, she’s way too beautiful.

THABO: And so are you. You have that exotic look about you; it must be your beauty mark.

KELLY: You like it? It’s not real, you know. I’m trying it out to see if I want a permanent one.

THABO: I say go for it. You have the power to change whatever you want. But know that you’re a goddess with or without it.

Kelly blushes.

AMANDA: Kelly, we have to go. Mom’s here.

THABO: I should get going too. Hey, Mandy, thanks for the lesson earlier. Looking forward to tomorrow.

AMANDA: I’ll put together something challenging for your muscle.

They both laugh at the inside joke.

KELLY: And I’ll organise you that meeting with the coach tomorrow.

AMANDA: Do you think that’d be wise? To take up sports when you’ve barely had time to catch up with your school work?

THABO: That’s OK – I played two different sports at my old school. All I need is a tight schedule and I’m sorted.

AMANDA: I can help you put one together …

KELLY: Only after he’s gotten his schedule from the coaches. Actually, Thabo, let’s go see coach now.

AMANDA: Now? But Mom’s waiting for us, Kelly – we should go.

THABO: We can see coach tomorrow, and I also need to get going. My mom’s here too. See you tomorrow, ladies.

Thabo winks at Kelly and Amanda then runs off the pitch waving back at them.

KELLY: (smiling) What a hunk. Did you see the way he looked at me?

AMANDA: At you? You make it sound like I wasn’t even standing here.

KELLY: Well, my point exactly, he didn’t even notice you. It’s because of your hair; I keep telling you to do something about it.

AMANDA: Wow! You can be such a cow sometimes. I’ll have you know that Thabo likes girls with brains.

KELLY: What are you trying to say, that you think you can get a guy like Thabo?

AMANDA: No, Kelly, not a guy like Thabo – I’m saying I can get Thabo.

KELLY: (laughing) Really, looking like that? You think you’re competition for me?

AMANDA: You think you’re all that, but really you’re not; you’re just blowing up your own smoke.

KELLY: Well, we’ll just have to see now, won’t we?

Kelly walks away.

Tell us: what do you think will happen next?