She opens her eyes to find a doctor and two nurses standing over her. She feels tightness in her throat and relief when the doctor pulls a tube out of her mouth.

DOCTOR: Hello, Amahle, you are at St Ann’s Hospital. You were involved in a car accident and have been in a coma for four days now. All your vitals are good. You need to take it easy and I will be back to check on you later.

Amahle nods and the doctor and the nurses leave the room. Her sister, Nandipha, rushes to her side weeping.

NANDIPHA: Oh, Amahle, I thought I was going to lose you! These past few days you have been horrible, you’ve had one medical emergency after the other. I am so glad you’re awake.

Nandipha hugs her sister tightly.

AMAHLE: (confused) What happened to me? What accident was the doctor talking about?

Nandipha pulls out of their hug and gives her sister a sad look.

NANDIPHA: You and Terrence got into a car accident a few days ago. I think you were on your way to an engagement party.

AMAHLE: No, I dreamt that Terrence said it didn’t happen, we’re both fine.

NANDIPHA: No, sweetheart, the accident happened and you were badly injured. When the truck hit your car, you hurt your head pretty bad, and you’ve been in a coma until you woke up today.

AMAHLE: (shocked) Oh my goodness, I was so sure it was a dream. 

NANDIPHA: None of that matters now. I called Mom and Dad and they will be here tomorrow morning. It will be good for you to be with family while you recover.

AMAHLE: Yeah, you’re probably right. I could use a hug from Mom.

NANDIPHA: (tearing up) I am so happy you’re awake, I was going crazy coming here to see you and there being no change. And being here alone wasn’t the best feeling either.

AMAHLE: I am so sorry, sisi. Wait, how is Terrence? Was he badly hurt? Can I go see him? Has he been to see me?

Nandipha looks away, trying not to cry. She can’t meet her sister’s eyes.

AMAHLE: What happened? Is he also in a coma? Please, just tell me or I’ll keep imagining the worst.

Nandipha sits on the bed and takes Amahle’s hand, fighting back tears.

NANDIPHA: Mntase, you and Terrence were in a very bad accident. Apparently, when the truck was coming at you, Terrence tried to swerve out of the way. The truck hit his side of the car and flung him through the windshield. He didn’t make it, he passed on at the scene of the accident. 

Amahle stares at her sister in shock. Tears stream down her face as she soaks in the reality of her husband’s death.

AMAHLE: (sobbing) No! Please, there has to be some mistake. I was just with him, he held me, we danced and he kissed me! He can’t be gone.

NANDIPHA: I am so sorry for your loss. I know how much you loved each other.

Amahle weeps into her hands, still in disbelief.

AMAHLE: What am I going to do without him?

NANDIPHA: I am going to be here for you, anything you need, for however long. Once Mom and Dad arrive you’ll have our family to support you.

Amahle sits up straight.

AMAHLE:  He knew, he was trying to warn me, prepare me.

Nandipha looks at her with a blank expression.

NANDIPHA: Amahle? What do you mean?

AMAHLE: (muttering to herself) “He is part of me, a piece of me you get to keep. I know this baby is going to bring you so much joy.”

NANDIPHA: A baby, what baby? Are you pregnant?

AMAHLE: Nandi, he didn’t want me to be alone in this world. He wanted me to have a piece of him in my life because he knew I’d wake up from this coma, and he’d be gone.

NANDIPHA: What do you mean?

AMAHLE: While I was in the coma I think Terrence’s spirit, or something like that, came to me to comfort me. He wanted me to accept his child so I would still be connected to a piece of him after he is gone.

NANDIPHA: So you are pregnant?

AMAHLE: No, he cheated and got another woman pregnant.

NANDIPHA: (outraged) He did what?

AMAHLE: We can’t exactly be angry with him now, he’s gone.

NANDIPHA: You have a point. But what do you mean he came to you in your coma? (scoffing) Was he a ghost?

AMAHLE: I don’t know what he was, he was just my husband. He didn’t seem different. He just wanted to spend some time with me and he wanted me to forgive him and accept his child.

NANDIPHA: This sounds like a chapter from a Nicholas Sparks book, so unreal.

AMAHLE: (tearing up) I know, right! I think I have to honour his wishes. I think I need to have something to help me feel closer to him. This baby is going to be my only connection to him.

NANDIPHA: So you’re going to keep his mistress in your life?

AMAHLE: What choice do I have? Plus, the child is innocent in all of this. Do you have my phone?

NANDIPHA: It didn’t make it out of the crash, neither did Terrence’s.

Amahle is silent for a moment thinking hard.

AMAHLE: Do you still have Linda’s number? She’s the events planner I connected you with when you and Sipho wanted to renew your vows last year.

Nandipha goes through her phone quickly, then hands it to Amahle.

NANDIPHA: Looks like I do. Are you sure about this?

AMAHLE: I have to do this, it’s what he wanted.

Amahle takes the phone and calls Linda.

AMAHLE: Hi, Linda it’s Amahle Nkosi, Terrence Nkosi’s wife. I thought we should talk about the child you’re carrying.

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