Amahle gets up and rushes to the door. As she is about to open it, Terrence pulls her hand away.

AMAHLE: What are you doing? Why won’t you let me open the door?

Her sister pleads more loudly.

NANDIPHA: Please, Amahle, at least hold on until Mom and Dad get here. Don’t do this, please, breathe.

Amahle falls to her knees and grabs her chest in pain.

TERRENCE: You need to take deep breaths, baby, deep breaths.

Amahle takes deep breaths gripping Terrence’s hand tightly as she tries to calm her breathing. Her hyperventilating slows and finally stops.

TERRENCE: There you go, babe, you just need to stay calm and you’ll be just fine.

The beeping dies down, and then goes silent. Amahle gets up to face her husband.

AMAHLE: What’s happening to me?

TERRENCE: Nothing is happening to you, I’d never let anything happen to you. You are fine, baby.

AMAHLE: Then what’s going on? Why is my sister outside our door pleading hysterically, and why won’t you let me go to her?

TERRENCE: Because, it’s not time yet. I’ve run out of time, but we still have a few moments and I need to use this little time I have to make you understand.

AMAHLE: Understand what? That you want me to accept your side-piece and your love child without protest?

TERRENCE: No, you need to understand that I won’t always be around and my son will need the additional support. More than that, I don’t want you to feel alone in the world.

AMAHLE: (tearing up) I need you to stop all of this, just stop.

Amahle tries to walk away from him, but he pulls her into his arms and tears stream down her face.

TERRENCE: I want you to know that I have never loved anyone as much as I love you. I would do anything to keep you from harm. I am so sorry I have been the cause of some of the pain you’ve felt in your life. I wish I could say that you won’t suffer any more pain, but I can’t.

AMAHLE: Terrence, I wish we could just erase the past three weeks and go back to how our life was. I wish you hadn’t turned our lives upside down.

TERRENCE: I do too, but I can’t wish my son’s existence away. Plus, I know this baby is going to bring you so much joy.

Amahle pushes him away, breaking their contact.

AMAHLE: (angry) Why do you keep bringing up your baby like I’m supposed to be happy about his existence? 

TERRENCE: No, Amahle, I am just trying to make you see that…

She cuts him off angrily.

AMAHLE: …that you’ve created the family I wanted for us with someone else? That I will always feel like an outsider looking in? That this baby will be a constant reminder of your infidelity? Is that what you want me to see?

TERRENCE: No, I want you to see that if you choose it, this baby could bring you so much joy. And through him, you will always feel my love for you. I want you to accept him as your own.

Amahle walks over to him slowly and takes his hand.

AMAHLE: OK, I’ll accept your son on one condition.

TERRENCE: Name it.

AMAHLE: Give me a baby! Give me a piece of you like you did for her. Let’s create a family and have a baby. Give me this one thing and I’ll accept your son, I’ll take him in as my own. 

Terrence is stunned into silence for a moment. Then he turns away from her.

TERRENCE: (emotional) I can’t!

AMAHLE: (outraged) What do you mean, you can’t? Am I not worthy of having your child? Is she somehow better than me?

Terrence turns abruptly.

TERRENCE: Of course not, I would give anything to give you a child, but I can’t

AMAHLE: (hurt) You can’t or you won’t? Maybe it’s because I’m the one who doesn’t deserve to have your child? 

TERRENCE: That’s not what I’m saying. It kills me, but I just won’t be able to give you what you want.

AMAHLE: (tears streaming) Well, then I can’t give you what you want. I don’t accept your child.

TERRENCE: Please, Amahle, this is the only way I can think of for you to still have a part of me once I’m gone.

AMAHLE: Why do you keep saying that? You know what, never mind, I don’t want to know. I can’t stand here and look at you any more. I have to go.

Amahle heads for the door dodging Terrence as he tries to stop her. As she reaches the door she stops and looks back at him.

TERRENCE: Wait, Amahle, don’t open the door yet. 

AMAHLE: I love you, but right now I need to get away from you. I’ll be back, I just need a moment.

She opens the door and Terrence grabs hold of her hand.

TERRENCE: Before you go, just know I love you. I will always love you. Please, hold onto that and know that this baby is my gift to you now.

Terrence lets go of her hand and she turns to the doorway, which has transformed into two bright lights like a truck coming towards her. She closes her eyes in fear. 

Tell us: What do you think is going on? Why do you think Terrence can’t give Amahle a baby?