Amahle opens her eyes and she is back in her bedroom sitting in front of the mirror. Then she hears Boyz II Men’s “Can You Stand the Rain” playing full blast from downstairs. She races downstairs and finds Terrence setting up her favourite snacks on a tray.

AMAHLE: (confused) What’s happening?

TERRENCE: What’s wrong, babe? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.

Amahle looks around hysterically.

AMAHLE: What do you mean? There was a truck, and I’m pretty sure it hit us? How are we OK? How are we here?

Terrence takes both her hands in his and looks deep into her eyes.

TERRENCE: Are you OK, baby? You look rattled.

AMAHLE: (confused) I…I have no idea. It just felt so real and I was so scared.

Terrence takes her right hand and places it on his chest, and takes a deep breath. Amahle’s breath catches in her throat.

TERRENCE: Can you feel that? It’s my heartbeat. I am still here with you, and if you can feel that you’re still here too.

Amahle’s breathing slows.

AMAHLE: So I imagined the whole thing? It felt so real, and I thought I lost you.

TERRENCE: I’m right here, baby, I am always with you, no matter what. What I’d like to do is dance with my wife. Are you up for that?

Terrence steps back and holds out his hand. Amahle giggles then places her hand in his. He spins her into his arms and they begin to sway slowly.

AMAHLE: I don’t know if what happened in the car was real, but I want you to know that I forgive you. I hate that you cheated, but I forgive you. I love you.

TERRENCE: None of that matters right now. I love you too.

Terrence spins her around making her squeal with laughter. The song changes to a more upbeat number and their dancing becomes more energetic. A few moments later, they slump on the couch, out of breath.

AMAHLE: (giggling) This feels a lot like deja vu, but different, I don’t know.

She nestles her head on his shoulder. Terrence puts his hand under her chin and tilts her head up to face him.

TERRENCE: I want you to always have moments like this. Moments where your happiness radiates through your smile, where you’re content and at peace, where your eyes sparkle with love. So when you look back at the memories, you feel the love and happiness all over again. I hope the bad I’ve done doesn’t overshadow the good times we’ve shared.

AMAHLE: It hasn’t, I still love you even though I feel hurt. And we’ll always have this, we just need to get through this hell first. I hope we can.

TERRENCE: We have to, I can’t move on until you’re OK with all of this.

AMAHLE: Move on? What do you mean? What are…

Amahle is distracted by a beeping sound and faint whispering coming from the front door. She gets on her knees on the couch and looks at the door.

AMAHLE: Can you hear that? Someone is whispering, and that sound, it’s beeping, like those hospital machines.

Amahle walks over to the front door, but before her hand can touch the handle, Terrence takes her into his arms and carries her upstairs.

TERRENCE: I would like to make love to my wife. It’s been a long three weeks without feeling your touch. Are you up for it?

AMAHLE: (giggling) I think I can manage it.

He whisks her off, and she glances at the door one last time before they disappear up the stairs.

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