At Phomolong Cemetery, near Papi’s grave.

MATHATO: (tenderly holding Thato’s hand in both of hers) Here it is, Thato. Do you want us to  wait for you?

THATO: (with a blank stare) No, thanks, Ma, I … (He turns to walk towards the tombstone.)

MATHATO: Thato, are you sure?

 (Thato turns back and simply nods. Mathotho leaves. Thato then stops before the small tombstone and gasps with shock.)

THATO: (reading) In Loving Memory of Papi Mokoena. Robala ka … (Thato slowly sinks to his knees sobbing.) Why Papi! Why? (He continues to sob.)

(Masontaha arrives and kneels besides her brother and pulls him in close.)


THATO: Last night the last thing I remember him saying was “Ke ilo robala boroko ba ka ba ho qetela.” I’m going to my final resting place. I thought it was the booze … (breaks down again)

MASONTAHA: Shshshshsh … At least you know he loved you. Robala ka kgotso Mokoena wa mohlakoana.

(They are both on their knees in a tight embrace. Thato continues to sob.)

Tell us: Thinking back, are there any clues that might have made you realise that something was wrong?