Back at Thato’s home, in the room off the kitchen where Thato is sleeping. Masontaha opens the door and walks in and he wakes up. 

THATO: Eish! (He groans.) What a night. (He stretches his arms while lying flat on his back.)

MASONTAHA: (smiling) Ah! You’re awake.

Thato gets a fright and pulls up the sheet to cover himself.

THATO: Don’t you knock?

MASONTAHA: Oh please! (laughing) I’ve seen your bum before.

THATO: Sies man! (He laughs.) Besides, we were kids back then.

MASONTAHA: And your bum is probably hairy now, so what’s your point? 

They both laugh.

MATHATO: Hei! (She shouts from offstage, from the kitchen.) You two wash up and come and eat. Where is Kokestso?

MASONTAHA: (shouting back) Coming Ma! How did you sleep, Mr Hairy Bum?

THATO: (smiling) Good thanks. You Sis?

MASONTAHA: Monate fela broer! Where were you last night?

THATO: (excited) You won’t believe who I was with! But let me get up and get dressed and I’ll tell you guys all about it!

MASONTAHA: I hope you and Tsietsi weren’t chasing skirts again? The girls around here are gold diggers, and you look just ripe for the picking.

THATO: Oh shut up and get out so I can get dressed. 

They both laugh as Masontaha leaves and closes the door behind her.

Tell us: How do you and you brothers and sisters talk to each other? Is it as playful as this?