Mathato is enjoying a cup tea with Thato in her tiny kitchen when there’s a knock at the 


TSIETSI: Koko! Mme Mathato?

MATHATO: Come in!

TSIETSI: Dumelang! (He takes his faded cap off as he enters.) Thato! Ke wena kgotsi? (He grins with excitement.)

THATO: Yep, it’s me. In the flesh! 

Smiling, he stands up to shake the hand of his childhood friend.

TSIETSI: It’s so good to see you! When did you arrive?

THATO: About an hour ago.

With his best puppy face, cap clutched in both hands at chest height, Tsietsi looks in Mathato’s direction.

MATHATO: Okay okay! Go, but Tsietsi … (She points a wrinkled finger at him.) You two stay out of trouble and don’t come back too late.

TSIETSI and THATO: (in unison) Yes Ma! 

They laugh and head for the door.

Tell us: What’s your favourite memory about the nonsense you and a friend got up to when you were children? Or were you too well behaved to be naughty?