At Mathato’s home (an RDP house). She has just opened the door to find her son Mathato. She is wearing a bath towel wrapped around her waist. He has been away for over a year and has his bags with him. 

MATHATO: Jooo! Thato, ngwanaka, ke wena? 

Tears start streaming down her face as she adjusts the bath towel. 

THATO: Hello Ma! Yes, it’s me. 

He beams as he drops his bags and embraces his mother with tears in his eyes.

MATHATO: I can’t believe it’s really you, my son! (She steps back to take a good look at him from arm’s length.) Come, come in! (She turns to go back inside.)

THATO: (tenderly holding onto her hand) Let me just offload my bags and get some groceries from the car, Ma. (kisses her gently on the cheek)

MATHATO: (shouting) Masontaha! Koketso! Hey, tloong! Come and take your brother’s things out the car, and pack the groceries in the cupboards. 

Thato turns to go and help offload the car.

MATHATO: And where do you think you are going? (She holds his hand firmly.) Come and have some tea with your frail old mother, and let those two handle the luggage. (gesturing with her head)

MASONTAHA: Helang! Abuti … Is it really you? (She runs to hug her brother.) Koketso! (shouting) Come look who is here!

KOKETSO: Mehlolo! Grotman! Welcome home! (He shakes Thato’s hand with a big smile.)

MATHATO: You two will have lots of time to catch up with your brother later. Let him sit down and rest his feet a little over a hot cup of tea with his only mother.


They laugh and chat excitedly amongst themselves as they leave the kitchen, heading to Thato’s car.

Tell us: What is the first thing you would want to do if you returned home after being away a long time?