Project Manager: Goodbye Malaria

Noella Moshi

Malaria is as much a personal as a professional issue for 23-year-old Noella Moshi, who grew up in Tanzania, Papua New Guinea and South Africa. Every member of her family, including herself, as well as most of her childhood friends, has, at one time, suffered from the disease. So it’s not surprising that Moshi now works with the Nando’s-founded initiative Goodbye Malaria, where she is project manager of the Social Impact Bonds project, which works with several private and non-profit organisations to eliminate malaria. During her studies in Clinical Science and Immunology at the University of Cape Town, where she obtained her master’s degree, she was awarded four scholarships, including a Mandela-Rhodes Scholarship. Today her achievements are more practical, with her knowledge being used to create an operations plan that will provide mosquito nets and insecticide sprays to people all over Africa. In her spare time Moshi participates in a philosophy and theology discussion group.

— Ilham Rawoot

Twitter: @NoellaMo