Management Consultant: Accenture

Khwezi Kondile

Khwezi Kondile started out in construction, having completed his BSc Honours in Quantity Surveying in 2011, but the work he does now is more about building relationships, a key to his success as a management consultant at Accenture. When he isn’t consulting with clients on developing business strategies, this World Economic Forum Global Shaper is leading the special projects portfolio of the nongovernmental organisation Youth Lab, helping young people to find their voice through open dialogue on the social, economic and development policies that affect them. Getting high school children in Jo’burg to engage with the National Planning Commission on the National Development Plan is only the start of Kondile’s plans to shape the future. At 24 he may not be much older than the youths he mentors, but he has already represented South Africa on the Economics Committee of the G8 and G20 Youth Summit — in Washington, DC, in 2012.

— Caroline Cowan