Artist, DJ and Director: Kalashnikovv Gallery

MJ Turpin

Frustrated with elitism in what he calls “the triumvirate monopoly of big galleries”, Murray James Turpin began curating temporary exhibitions called SATELLITE SPACES///THE UNTITLED GALLERY throughout the inner city. Today the 30-year-old is director of the Kalashnikovv Gallery in Braamfontein, newly established with his partner, Matthew Dean. Kalashnikovv functions as a project space and traditional white-cube gallery, hosting “no-brow” work that defies categorisation while collecting and supporting artists left out in the wilderness by the art scene hegemony. A multitalented and habitual collaborator, Turpin sprouts aliases like creative yeast: “Team Uncool” was a freelance co-operative consisting of himself, a designer and a photographer. As a DJ he is known as M18J92T and he has also worked as experimental electronica outfit MtKidu with fellow “skelemton” Nicholas Nesbitt. Fresh from a residency at BijlmAIR in Amsterdam, he is currently recording an album with his new band, Lesillo Rulla, and simultaneously working on his seventh solo exhibition.

— Rudi Benadé

Twitter: @KalashGallery