Deputy Director General: Economic Policy Analysis and Forecasting Division, National Treasury

Fundi Tshazibana

Fundi Tshazibana is a “big picture” person. It’s her job. As head of economic policy analysis at the national treasury, 35-year-old Tshazibana leads a team of economists and modellers who contribute to decisions that change lives, history and our country. Through impact assessments, modelling and forecasting, Tshazibana ensures the country’s finances are in order and that the government makes informed choices that “balance the needs of today’s generation with those of the future”.

Balancing what the numbers tell her is good for the economy relative to people’s experiences on the ground is Tshazibana’s greatest challenge. But she hopes to create change by contributing to evidence-based policymaking and changing government’s service delivery model to focus on things that matter to people. With a master’s in commerce, and pursuing her second in business leadership, Tshazibana worked at TNS Research Surveys and the national electricity regulator before joining the treasury in 2003.

— Lu Larche