Chairperson and co-director: youth End Poverty

Gillion Bosman

Growing up, Gillion Bosman could never accept a black-and-white version of South Africa. Inspired by Nelson Mandela and encouraged by his mother to expect more from the world, Bosman aspired to change his country. His belief that the youth have a significant role to play in building a better South Africa has translated into many meaningful contributions that continue to inspire and develop an active “now generation”.

Basson is not only the chairperson and co-director of Youth End Poverty, a youth-led development initiative, but also a Global Changemaker who participated in the 2008 World Economic Forum and a South Africa Washington International Programme 2010 alumnus. Believing that education is key to poverty eradication and equality, Bosman, at 24, currently manages the basic and higher education portfolios for the British Council in South Africa. We can expect to read much more about Basson — and the changes he’ll be making to illuminate his country’s true colours.

— Lu Larche

Twitter: @gillionbosman