Senior lecturer: competition law, Wits Law School

Kasturi Moodaliyar

Spirited, astute and raising the bar in competition law, Kasturi Moodaliyar is making it her business to ensure justice exists in our economy — for all. After completing her master’s at Cambridge as a Mandela Magdalene scholar, Moodaliyar returned to South Africa to discover a little blue book that resonated deeply with her own sense of justice. The Competitions Act offered her the opportunity to use law as a platform for progressive change. As senior lecturer of competition law at Wits University, Moodaliyar helps to develop expertise in a field that, essentially, serves to protect and benefit the public interest. She consults on cases such as the Wal-Mart/Massmart merger and sits on both the appeal tribunal of the Film and Publication Board and the complaints and compliance committee of the Independent Communications Authority. For her PhD, Moodaliyar is researching how victims of corporate cartels can claim damages for losses and, in so doing, access what she believes everyone should: justice.

— Lu Larche

Twitter: @complawza