Managing Director, iConcept Media

“It’s OK to be different,” says Bruce Dube, a statement he embraces as his life motto. This trailblazer says that nothing is too little to start off with. “Do what you can, use what you have, where you are,” he points out.

And that in a nutshell how the 25 year old social entrepreneur managed to make his mark at such a young age.

Having been named one of the British Council’s top 60 Global Change Makers in 2013 and one of the World Bank’s five most prominent young people from Latin America and Africa, as well as one of UNAIDS SA’s Youth “Movers and Shakers”, Dube says the benefit of these accolades reach beyond the recognition or the title.

“These accolades have exposed me to new networks and facilitated room for collaboration, as well as allowing for the opportunity to inspire and encourage young people to stand up and do something about the challenges they and their communities are facing.

Dube acknowledges that his journey has been a struggle and far from easy. “But is has been a beautiful struggle,” he quips, with a lot of low moments and a series of failures that moulded his character and outlook on life.

Dube was largely inspired by the circumstances of young people in battling communities, who were struggling to access developmental information, particularly in the areas of education, employment and entrepreneurship.

He stepped in and created a variety of mobile portals and assisted with youth start-ups some in other countries on the continent. He is becoming a sought-after speaker on “capitalising on Africa’s demographic dividend” both locally and internationally.

He says his life goals are to be the forefront of the African youth embracing, investing and creating sustainable solutions on digital platforms, tailored for our continent.

“I see the possibility of digital technologies making a crucial difference at grassroots level, and for me, the pinnacle of my career would be to be the voice that carries this message into the decades facing us – shifting us from our unprecedented reliance on natural resources into sustainable business and thriving economies.”
– Ilse Ferreira