Sir Mckleker is a multi-award winning musician and music producer. This maestro has developed and chiselled his talent in art-and-entertainment.

Sir McKleker was born Aluwani Nemaranzhe in the small village of Phiphidi near Thohoyandou, where he started his business from humble beginnings. He set up his first studio in Makhado town around 2011, and started recording the local talent for a fee.

“I brought new sound and style into their music and they all loved it. I was further experimenting with a variety of sounds and melodies and that is what made my music different and unique.”

Over the next few years, Sir McKleker produced hits such as, Rithelela and Nthengeleni, which were done by PhalaPhala FM’s soapie actor Tshibulebule, aka Phathutshedzo Muthambi.

“Sir McKleker vs Tshibulebule (Rithelela) went on to dominate the Tshivenda Music Awards 2014 when we won Best Tshivenda Song of the Year and Best Tshivenda Group of the Year later that year.”

Soon after, Sir McKleker established himself as a house hit-maker with the release of a masterpiece track entitled Tapanyedza. On every corner, in taxis and stands in towns and villages, the sound of Tapanyedza continued to keep popular house music real.

“The song has earned a whopping 3 400 downloads on Kasi mp3 in just a month after its date of release. I so believe that there’s joy in music and that good music keeps us on the dance floor, where we forget about all problems and troubles and get to dance, which is also both a mental and physical exercise.”

Sir Mckleker has now left bustling Jozi and found his way back home to Limpopo to groom young and local talent, using his accumulated skills and expertise. He admits that it was not easy to bid goodbye to the glamour and glitz of a guaranteed social life, which came with quick monetary rewards in the big city, and come back to rural Venda, carrying only his musical expertise and some studio equipment.

“Sometimes, if we need to add value to life, and even lead a purposeful life, we need to forget about amassing monies or riches and focus on developing our areas. Do we always have to get to the big cities if we feel like we need anything of highest value and quality? Are we not able to create or open up those avenues of success or achievements at our own places with the kind of knowledge we have?”

His sole purpose for returning to his home province was to scout and groom local talent.

“All they need is to find a home with a professional recording studio where their talent and efforts will not be compromised. Music is part of our lives and we cannot ignore that fact; the youth love music and we must not dissuade them from singing and doing music, so long as they do not neglect their education or studies. To me, and other youths, music is just like any other recreational indulgence, or extra-mural activity, like sports.”

He is now living in his home village, Phiphidi, near Sibasa, and his studio – Interactive Solid Waves Entertainment studios (iswe) – is based at Makwarela.

“I continue to give these artists that high-quality production that will help them compete nationally. Music is my first love and I am able to express my innermost feelings through the sounds and melodies which I create. I give each artist a unique sound or signature.”

His full-length album, Sophisticated House, came out in 2011 to critical acclaim in southern Africa. He has so far released numerous singles which continue to get airplay on national radio stations.