Being a police officer is for some just a job and for others a true passion. It’s been said that the country’s law enforcement hasn’t always been there to protect us, but there are still those few who do, and one of them is Nicholas Ansell, the only difference is he does it voluntarily.

“I grew up with family members in the police force, not knowing I’d end up as one too.”

Nicholas is a law enforcement officer which is different to a police officer. Law enforcement work for the municipality whereas the police work for the national government.

People would be surprised to know that Nicholas is a qualified master plumber with over 13 years of experience. He says he works closely with the neighbourhood watch in his area but wanted more.

“I have a passion to help people. Being a senior patroller in my neighbourhood watch was not enough, I felt limited and wanted to do more.”
“I find it way more rewarding being able to help with all the things I had problems with before and everyone complained about (crime). I finally have the power to help communities.”

Can you imagine being shot at? Nicholas describes it as the worst part of his job.

“I’ve never been shot, but I’ve been shot at. That has to be the worst experience, but the best part of my job is arresting those criminals and adding to society by making sure justice is being served.”

Dealing with crime is no easy task with all the negativity that law enforcement faces on a regular bases, there needs to be some sort of motivation and Nicholas finds it in his family.

“My wife and kids are my biggest motivation, without them I wouldn’t have the drive to give 120% each day.”

And 120% is exactly what he has been giving. He has been nominated for the Officer of the Year award. He was nominated for the award after making 93 arrests and writing fines valued at R95 000. He has also confiscated two unlicensed firearms and completed 180 volunteer hours per week.

“I won Officer of the Year in 2017 and am working hard to get it in 2018. There is some healthy competition with the other guys at my base trying to beat me to it, I enjoy the competition.”

He has some advice to share with the youth:

“Stay in school and join the force we can all help to make our areas a better place.”