Communiversity South Africa is an organisation that was co-founded in 2012 by Dr Melanie Brown and Marcia Abrahams in Capricorn, Vrygrond, with a new campus opening up in July 2017 in Westlake. The aim of this establishment is to educate the youth from both rural and urban communities in trade and relevant skills for professional development.

They accept students from the age of 18 and provide a platform for positive self-development and growth, until students figure out their next moves, as Senior Administrator Jodine Swart explained.

“Communiversity is a bridging course for non-graduate students and past matriculants who are trying to figure out what they want to do with themselves, career-wise.

“We assist students with further education. We also help them to find employment, as some students are eager to just enter the work-force, but we mainly focus on further education and training.”

Some students attend Communiversity to do a bridging course in a particular subject that they may have failed or did poorly in at high school and then re-write in November.

The organisation wants students to realise that they have choices and can do something meaningful with their lives, even if they didn’t do well at school and come from disadvantaged backgrounds, Jolene Adams, intern and graduate of Communiversity explains.

“We have 12 courses, some are accredited and others are more practical and skills-based. Our courses include; English, Mathematics, Science, Computer Skills, Hospitality, Entrepreneurship and Business, Carpentry, Arts, an ABSA ‘Ready to work’ programme and Physical Fitness, including surfing, swimming and other outdoor activities.

“We also have a 15-minute meditation sessions in the morning, before we start class, to relax students from their home-life and set them up for the day, and 15 minutes in the afternoon to relax them before they go home.”

Learners pay a small fee of R300. This is basically just a commitment fee, as they will get their R250 back after they graduate from the programme. Daily meals are also provided for the students.

In order to apply for the six month course, students need to be 18 years and older ‘and of sober habits’. They need to produce their ID, proof of address and latest school results to apply. They can also visit the Communiversity website to check the courses that on offer.

Students can ‘Like’ Communiversity on Facebook or visit their website for more information on the recruitment process at

Both Jodine Swart and Jolene Adams are graduates from Communiversity and it is wonderful to see them, not only succeeding career-wise, but also giving back to the community.

Organisations such as Communiversity give students hope for the future and should be supported by South African communities. Well done Communiversity!