It’s agreed said that you should never stop doing inspirational things cos you never know who’s watching – and you never know how your light could brighten someone else’s path. Well, Fikile Ngcamu (26) never for a second thought his disability could inspire other young people, and score him a major prize. Fikile is a student at Fort Hare University and was nominated by other students to win, “R40,000 cash as part of the #JutaPayItForward competition.”

“We have an obligation to society as the trusted supplier of world-class, locally relevant, technology-enabled content. We were looking for stories from students who have fought through difficult circumstances to find success and put together two campaigns that benefit students,” said Mabel Mnensa, Marketing Manager at Juta Academic publishers.

Fikile came out top out of five students nominated nationally as, “inspiration to other students”.

“He is a defender of other physically challenged students on campus. One of the challenges Fikile faces is to type a 4,000 word assignment with one hand. Sometimes he does not sleep trying to finish assignments on time,” said Dr Willie Chinyamurundi, who had put forward Fikile’s name.

Fikile’s physical disability means he can only use one hand and has to walk using aids. However he is a living example that ‘disabled’ doesn’t mean ‘unable’ as he’s determined to complete his degree.

“Hard work will pay off. My footsteps may be slow, but I will get there. I may take longer in doing things, but I will get things done,” says the determined and dedicated young man.
Everyone in the audience saw Fikile’s excitement as he was announced as the winner of the prize , saying he, “clapped with delight”.

“This prize will help me such a lot. I am struggling to get around the campus in Alice and I will buy myself a motorised wheelchair,” he said.

With his perseverance, and determination to complete his studies, Fikile’s a true example that it doesn’t matter how long it takes you to reach your destiny. What matters is your drive and willingness to stay the course.

The sponsors of Fikile’s award, Juta, concurrently awarded a draw prize: “In the second campaign, the #JutaGoingPlaces competition, any student who purchased a Juta book as part of their tertiary education, qualified to enter into the draw for R40,000,” reads Juta’s press release. Mabel Mnensa mentions the link between owning books and good pass rates, saying, “Research has shown that students who purchase their semester textbooks are more likely to pass.”