Jude Johnson, 27, is an attorney and also an artist. From a young age, he was always a creative and inquisitive child. He explains how he grew up:

“I had a happy childhood, a typical childhood. I grew up very inquisitive and curious. I always asked the most inappropriate questions for a young child that is because I always wanted to know things. I loved learning and I loved being inquisitive.”

It was this inquisitive nature and love for learning that sparked an interest in him to pursue teaching, but he also had an interest in law. He chose the latter:

“I wanted to be a teacher; law was my second option. But all my teachers always encouraged me to pursue law instead and they said I had a big personality that would be more suited in the law field.”

Despite his huge personality and creative flair, he was bullied in school and made fun of because of his appearance. This had a negative impact on his self-esteem and self-image.

“I use to be made fun of all the time at school, and this really crushed my self-esteem. I would be made fun of for my teeth, my lips and I felt as though I am not attractive. Up until today, it is still surprising when someone says I am attractive.”

He didn’t allow his bullies to get the better of him as he learnt to that their words did not define him.

“I overcame my self-esteem issues by relentlessly improving every facet of my being to understand that I’m so much more than I told myself I was.”

When asked what motivates him to do what he does, he responds:

“Nurturing my talents and strengths. Not allowing my gifts to be dormant but to consistently be used.”

Jude explains how he went through a very tough time in 2019.

“In 2018 I got my law degree, but I took a gap year from law. It was in that gap year that I did nothing until the end of August, I was unemployed, no financial security and I also went through a tough break up.”

Jude started his small business during the lockdown.

“I just decided why not make money with what I am good at, I took my skill – sketching – I sketch people at their most happiest, I shape that in art form.”

Jude’s lifelong goal is owning property and renting it out. He continues to say, “I want to be established in my legal career, have a family, and have financial freedom.”

Jude’s advice to anyone struggling with unemployment during this pandemic:

“At least every single day, 1-2 hours, apply to places, whatever company, send your CV, keep your CV as simple as possible, recruiters don’t want to read too much, look at what skills you have and work from there.”


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