It’s not an unusual sight to see people dropping out of varsity due to lack of passion for the course they have enrolled for. Lack of guidance, among other challenges, can be blamed for this and it’s for that reason that Alex established an educational-technology company Kreeate Digital (Pty) Ltd.

“Kreeate (pronounced “create”) is a high school focused initiative that uses digital platforms and direct engagement initiatives to support learners with their academic performance and career decisions. We have worked with learners across all LSM’s and have seen the drive to want to succeed in all of them,” explains Alex McLeod from Athlone in Cape Town.

“We have a tendency to lean towards supporting learners with numeracy, finance, and commerce-related CAPS (Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement) aligned school subject content. This tendency, coupled with our career decision-making support capabilities, also means that we often encourage learners to go out and make their own money while still completing their schooling,” he adds.

Alex launched the first digital engagement platform called the “Kreeate Game”, which is endorsed by the National Department of Basic Education (“DBE”). And it can be played offline as well

“The Kreeate Game has improved significantly since the pilot version was launched in July 2016. The basic premise of the game has remained constant and is to earn as many coins as you can so that you feature among the top-ranked players on the leaderboard.”

Alex’s giving heart can be attributed to his background.

“My little brother and I attended St Georges Grammar for Junior School and then completed High School at SACS. We would leave our area in the morning to attend these schools in “white residential areas” with the beautiful surroundings and utopian atmosphere. The opportunity was at your fingertips, all you had to do was grab it.

“We then returned home in the afternoons and over the weekend, when not playing sport at school, would be playing soccer in the park with our ‘area friends’. They did not have much, our soccer ball was often the one used and if we left, the game ended. On a daily basis we were in the company of both the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’.”

Alex’s humility has made an easily approachable person.

“Looking back on it, it is probably why my brother and I get along with people from all walks of life, all ‘levels’ of society, and all positions in a company. Today, if I go back to visit my ex-colleagues, from the tea ladies to the Partners in Charge, I am welcomed.”

Alex emphasizes that opportunities are good as nothing if you don’t grab them with both hands.

“I wanted to succeed. I wanted to be the best. I thought that I had to be. A boy from the Cape Flats must capitalize on the opportunity presented. And I did, I was a prefect at both junior and high school levels, played sport for the A teams and performed well academically. I mention opportunity in that is all that one really has or is presented with in life, opportunity. You either grab it or you completely miss it.”

Alex has an undergraduate degree in Industrial, Organisational and Labour studies UCT and didn’t miss the chance to talk about the significance of education.

“Education is the life-blood of society. Without it, we will perish. Learning is the key to progress and it can be formal and informal learning. Formal Education has served its purpose in my life… (though I have never worked in my field of study). Since starting my own business eight years ago, it is the informal learning that has probably contributed the most to where I am today with my business. But again, it is the ability to utilize the knowledge and experience gained through continuous informal learning that is key and one can only do so if you able to think and reason.”

“Stay focused. Stay true to who you are and what you want. Never give up. Continue your pursuit for greatness. Everyone has it in them to maximize their full potential. A quote I have on my desk: The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short, but in setting our aim too low and achieving our mark.” He concludes.


The Kreeate Game is free to play and is available for Android and Windows device from
Alex’s company is available to do Kreeate Game activations at schools at no cost to the school