It’s popping on Florida Road. The bass reverberates in Nonhle’s chest as soon as she enters the club. As soon as she steps in she has a bad feeling. She shouldn’t have let Wandile persuade her.  She sees women pole dancing on a stage in just their panties and bras. This is a strip club. She has seen these in American movies – why didn’t Wandile tell her?

Wandile searches for Max and Mzi. She quickly spots them sitting at a table in the corner of the club. She pulls Nonhle to that table and they join them. On top of the shock of the strippers Nonhle is shocked by how old Max and Mzi are. Wandile had said there would be younger guys.

“This is my friend, Nonhle,” says Wandile.

“Wow, what a beautiful girl! Come sit next to me, Nonhle,” says Max. He lights a cigarette and blows out smoke rings.

Nonhle’s heart thuds loudly in her chest.

“My name is Max but you can call me Daddy,” Max brushes Nonhle’s shoulder.

“Nice to meet you,” Nonhle sits down but shifts away from Max on the seat as he tries to move closer.

“What can I get you to drink, Nonhle?” Max says pressing his thigh against hers.

“I don’t drink alcohol. I’ll have apple juice if they have it here.”

“Great,” Max calls the waiter standing near the table. “Same round for the table and apple juice for my pretty princess here.”

“Coming right up,” says the waiter. He nods to Max and heads to the bar.

Wandile has disappeared with Mzi. She turns to Max and finds him ogling her breasts.  She prays that Wandile will be back soon.

It’s hot and she is thirsty. Her drink arrives and she downs it in one go. She orders another and downs that one as well. In no time she is dizzy. Max catches her as she is about to slump onto the table. He carries Nonhle out of the back entrance to the club and into his car.

Max heads to Protea Hotel at the beachfront. Nonhle is in and out of consciousness as Max parks his car at the parking bay closest to his room. He carries Nonhle inside and  Max throws her on the bed then takes out a beer from the bar fridge.

“It’s going to be a great night,” he smirks.

He downs the beer and takes off all his clothes. He slowly takes off Nonhle’s shoes. He is kissing her feet and rubbing her legs. The drugs are wearing off and Nonhle opens her eyes and manages to scream.

“What are you doing? Leave me alone!”

“Shh shh!”

“Leave me alone!”


“Where am I? Where’s Wandile? Wandile!”

“There’s no one here to help you. It’s just you and me. Stop acting like a child because I’ll get angry and you don’t want to see me angry!”

“Help!” Nonhle screams.

Max puts his hand over Nonhle’s mouth to shut her up but Nonhle bites into it hard. She screams again.  While Max is nursing his hand she staggers to the door. But Max is quicker and stronger. He grabs her and throws her back on the bed. His hand is bleeding all over the sheets.

A security guard has heard Nonhle’s screams and he bursts into the room.

“He was trying to rape me!” Nonhle tells him.

“She’s lying! She’s here on her own free will!” Max protests.

“He tried to rape me!” Nonhle runs behind the guard for protection.

The security calls for back-up and before long the police arrive. Max doesn’t fight, he’s too weak. Nonhle watches as they speed away.


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