Wandile wakes up to the sound of chirping birds and her head pounding. She looks around and realises she doesn’t know where she is. Sboniso snores next to her on the bed. Her whole body throbs in pain. She lifts her head. There are two used condoms on the floor at the foot of the bed.

She doesn’t have a second more to digest what she has just seen because she is startled by loud banging.

Wandile shakes Sboniso. The banging is incessant; whoever is knocking wants to enter right now. Sboniso is still asleep, snoring loudly.

“Open the door right now, Sboniso!” says an irate female voice. “Vula!”

Sboniso surfaces and sits up in bed. He frowns and then Wandile sees the panic in his eyes. Wandile’s heart beats fast now. The knocking on the door is relentless. This woman wants to break down the door.

“Who’s that, Sboniso?” the fear in her voice is palpable.

“That’s my wife. You need to get out right now because she will skin you alive if she finds you here!” Sboniso says.

He staggers to the window and opens it. Wandile gets dressed and is right behind him. She looks out the window and sees a swimming pool. The room they are in is on the second floor of this big beautiful house.

“You have to jump out of the window because she can’t find you in here!”

“No! It’s too far down. I’ll break my legs!”

“Listen here, little girl. My marriage is on the line here. I said jump out the window and you better run and don’t look back when you get down there! You’ll fall into the pool. I’ll press the remote to open the gate. You better run after that!” Sboniso has pushed the window open.

Wandile sees the urgency in Sboniso’s actions and hears the seriousness in his voice. She squeezes her slim body on the window frame. She hesitates. “No Sboniso it’s too far to fall. And I can’t swim. What if I get injured?”

“Open this door right now Sboniso!” the female voice screams and bangs the door.

Sboniso pushes Wandile out of the window. Wandile falls head first into the pool and lands with a splash. She struggles in the water but quickly grabs on to the edge of the pool. She has hardly had time to catch her breath and clear her eyes when she makes out a woman, her face engulfed in rage, running full tilt towards her. She must have seen the open window and Wandile in the pool and rushed down the stairs and out.

“Who do you think you are, slut?” the woman slaps Wandile on the cheek.

Wandile is a bundle on the grass next to the pool, cowering in the foetal position, her arms shielding her face from the fists and kicks raining down on her. The woman drags her by the hair all the way to the gate. Wandile cries out in pain.

“I’m sorry. Please forgive me, sisi!” Wandile pleads from the ball she has folded herself into.

“You go around breaking people’s marriages.” The woman is sweating profusely, her nostrils flaring.

Every time Wandile tries to peek from behind her arms she gets a slap. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know Sboniso was married! He never told me!”

“You go around seducing married men! This is what you need!” says the woman.

She picks up a thin plumbing pipe and lashes Wandile on her shoulders. Wandile screams. After what seems like forever, Sboniso comes up behind his wife and grabs her arms to make her stop. He is also weak after a night of heavy drinking. His wife pushes him and he staggers and falls. It takes him a few seconds before he can get up again.

“Qhamukile! Please stop! Let her go!” says Sboniso.

“Leave me alone! Let me sort out this slut!” Qhamukile keeps lashing at Wandile with the pipe.

“Qhamukile Stop! You have hurt her enough. She is bleeding!”

Wandile has stopped moving. Blood from the injuries on her shoulder have soaked her yellow t-shirt. Qhamukile stops when she sees the damage she has caused.

“Nolwazi!” Sboniso kneels next Wandile and shakes her.

“Is she . . . Is she dead?” Qhamukile asks, startled.

“I don’t know! She’s not moving! She’s not breathing. I told you to stop, Qhamukile!”

“What are we going to do?” There is fear in Qhamukile’s eyes now.

“We have to put her in the car and drop her body somewhere. I can’t go to jail!” Sboniso has his hands on his head.

They look around, none of their neighbours are at their windows. Houses are far apart in this secluded area of LaLucia. They wrap up Wandile in a duvet and load her into the boot of their SUV. They drive for twenty minutes until they reach a secluded, woody area. They look around. There is not a soul in sight. They carry Wandile’s body, dump it behind trees and drive off.

“Promise me this will stay between us, Sboniso,” says Qhamukile weeping tears of regret. “I was so mad I lost control, I didn’t mean …”

“It’s Okay, my love. This stays between us.”


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