Andisiwe looked across at Thabo and he flashed a smile at her. For a moment she thought about what Pam had said, but she quickly pushed that thought away.

Who cared if his suit was rented or not? Right now Andisiwe felt herself melting under the warm gaze from Thabo’s soft, chocolate brown eyes.

Andisiwe spotted her aunt every now and then, throughout the evening. She noticed that Aunt Mimi was busy with her own flirtations, and she left the party early with a sophisticated man in a black tuxedo.

Thabo moved off for a while, and Andisiwe watched him talking to some guy wearing a red suit and suede, navy Carvela shoes. For a moment she thought Thabo might be gay. But how could he be? Hadn’t he flirted with her? Hadn’t she felt the electricity between them?

Then Thabo was back by her side.

“Dear girl,” he said, leaning towards Andisiwe and touching her cheek lightly with one finger. “I have to go. I apologise for having to leave you just when we were starting to get acquainted. It was nice meeting you.”

“It was nice meeting you too,” she said softly.

Andisiwe watched Thabo leave, from her position on a stool at the bar. She felt a little disappointed as she watched his retreating back, but her heart fluttered as she noted how well his jacket fitted over his broad, strong shoulders.

The party no longer held much interest for her after Thabo had gone, and Andisiwe phoned for a taxi to take her home, as her aunt had instructed her to do.

Andisiwe was home alone the next morning when she heard a car pull up outside Mimi’s house. The gate bell buzzed. Andisiwe peered out of the window. Her heart skipped a beat. There, standing at the gate, pressing the bell, was Thabo. Quickly Andisiwe opened the gate. The car swung into the drive and stopped right outside the front door. Andisiwe opened it to welcome him.

“Umh, hi,” she said, trying not to sound too excited. “What are you doing here? How did you find me?”

Grinning broadly Thabo stepped towards Andisiwe, and before she knew it he had kissed her on both cheeks.

“I’m great. Thanks for asking,” he joked. Then continued: “I’ve come to show you the sights of Cape Town. And I won’t take no for an answer.”

Thabo really did have an irresistible smile.

Andisiwe hesitated. She reminded herself that she didn’t know anything about this guy. But Thabo was just standing there, so sweetly, smiling at her.

She, meanwhile, was wearing black skinny jeans, a black studded blouse, a leather jacket, and stilettos. It would be a pity to waste it all by just staying in the house all day, she thought to herself.

Does everyone drive flash cars around here wondered Andisiwe, as she got into Thabo’s MercedesBenz C-Class W204 Sports Line, Black Bison Edition.

“Hey wethu, you disappeared rather suddenly last night. Care to explain?”

“Eish,” said Thabo. “I had business to take care of…you know.”

Andisiwe didn’t know. She had no idea what kind of world Thabo moved in. “What kind of business?” she asked, smiling across at him.

“A little bit of this and that…” said Thabo, glancing over and smiling at her.

Andisiwe’s heart leapt in her breast, just as Thabo put his foot down, and the car raced forward, along the boulevard between the mountain and the sea. She leaned her head back against the leather seat and decided to just enjoy the scenery.

Thabo drove to the V&A Waterfront.

“Now…your wish is my command!” he laughed.

I heard that the aquarium is beautiful,” said Andisiwe, suddenly feeling shy. “We could go there and grab drinks later.”

“I have a better idea.”

Thabo grabbed Andisiwe’s hand and led her to the breakwater. She looked out to where Thabo was pointing. In the distance she could see dolphins jumping out of the water. She caught her breath at the sight.

“See? This is even better than the aquarium. This is amazing right? I have something else to show you.”

Thabo drove to Signal Hill. When they got there Andisiwe was speechless. She gazed with wonder at the spectacular Atlantic view. Thabo leaned over and whispered softly, so close to her ear that she felt his breath against her cheek. “I wish I had more time on my hands. If I did we could hang out here for a bit, and wait for the sunset.”

She smiled as she felt Thabo’s lips, warm and soft against her cheek. Andisiwe wondered what it would be like if he kissed her lips. She bit her lower lip at the thought. She couldn’t believe that a charming, handsome guy like Thabo was paying so much attention to her.

“Home time,” smiled Thabo.

Andisiwe was disappointed. She felt shy to admit it, even to herself, but she had been hoping for something more. They hadn’t even had drinks yet.

On the way home Thabo pulled into a petrol station. He got out, took the keys and went to the back of the car. Andisiwe heard him fiddling with the boot lock. “Oh no!” said Thabo, after a minute or two. She turned in her seat to see Thabo slamming his hand against the metal of the boot.

“What is it?” asked Andisiwe.

“The boot is jammed. My briefcase with my wallet is inside and I can’t get the damned thing open!”

Thabo searched his pockets for some cash, but found nothing. He looked so distressed and embarrassed that Andisiwe immediately lent him two hundred rand to put into the tank. Thabo accepted the money gratefully.

“Oh Siwe,” he said as he took the money. “I’m sorry for doing this to you. I’ll pay you back.”

Andisiwe shrugged and smiled. “It’s cool,” she said. “Don’t worry about it.”

Thabo turned away and smiled at the petrol attendant, saying softly, “A hundred of unleaded, please.”

“Shame – he must need money for something else urgent too,” thought Andisiwe, overhearing.

Thabo stopped outside Mimi’s house. Before Andisiwe went inside they sat in the car for a minute. She looked towards Thabo, her hand on the door handle, but she hesitated. Thabo was looking deeply into her eyes. Andisiwe felt her heart beginning to beat faster in her chest again – maybe she even held her breath. Thabo reached across towards her. Andisiwe leaned closer.

When Thabo’s lips finally touched hers Andisiwe saw fireworks. Later, that was exactly how she remembered it. She felt connected to Thabo in a way that felt like she had known him for years. It feels so right, thought Andisiwe, as she felt Thabo’s breath on her mouth. She closed her eyes and then Thabo reached over, and began to unbutton her jeans.

Andisiwe instantly pulled away from Thabo’s embrace. Suddenly she remembered that they were outside the house in a car, and that she really didn’t know Thabo that well. Andisiwe opened the car door, and ran towards the house.

Thabo got out of the car and followed her to where she was fumbling with her keys. “Shall I come in?” he asked softly.

Andisiwe looked at him, and then looked at her aunt’s house. Should I invite this man back home? Thoughts ran through Andisiwe’s mind. Part of her wanted very badly to invite him in, and carry on with the fun. But there was that other part of her, saying that she shouldn’t.

Andisiwe paused, her key still poised to enter the lock of the door.

* * *

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