In a second I am somehow on top of him. I didn’t think I had the strength. He tries to struggle free but every time he does, I swat at his face.

I don’t understand what I see. I see claws, and scratches. I must be mad with rage. My eyes must be blurry the way you get when you’re in tears, and everything looks stretched and distorted.

He’s screaming so loudly it’s hurting my ears.

I smack him to quieten him and my hand looks strange. I hear animals fighting outside, a cat and dog. But they’re so loud it feels like they’re inside.

He’s swearing at me, screaming, going nuts.

I just need him to shut up. I deliver a big klap to his face and I see blood. I do it again and again, leaving a criss-cross of scratches that seep blood.

His eyes are wide. He grips my neck and tries to strangle me.

I scream, and I don’t understand why, but whatever animal is close by screams too. It’s a weird, chilling screech.

I’m so surprised by the sound, I loosen my grip. He manages to escape.

He crouches against the wall. “Stay away from me, you witch,” he hisses, and I can see the whites of his eyes, even though it is dark. They are huge with fear.

“What’s wrong with you?” I demand, but my voice is weird, it’s not mine. It’s like the high whine of a hyena.

I’m so confused. What’s going on?

Tell me!” I yell, and my voice makes no sense to me; it’s just a wild scream. I run out of the living room.

He doesn’t follow.

Why not?

I’m also so close to the ground. Am I on all fours? I run to the front door. I must be panicking because it takes me about two seconds. I don’t know why, but I don’t even reach for the handle to open it. I just throw my weight against it and it blasts open. I surge forward, breaking the door off its hinges as I lunge into the night air.


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