For Thobeka, the week passed in an avalanche of athletics try-outs, homework, tests, and her sessions with Alex.

At least my weekend started on a good note she thought as she kissed the page in her hand.

“Zotwana, I’m pleased to see you’re making progress, but there’s still lots of room for improvement.” Mr Sanzanza had returned her last test paper: 61%.

Before she could show him, Alex had bolted from the room when the bell rang and there was not a sign of him when she walked out of the school gates.

Hey you, best tutor ever. 🙂 Got 61
on that last test. Wanna celebrate? 😛

She checked her phone every few seconds – her hands clammy. Come on, Alex.  Yes, no … maybe even? Reply!

Hiya, babes. Congrats! U deserve it. How
bout a movie? There’s one ima dying to see.

Thanx. 🙂 When? Where? What time?

What shall I wear? Thobeka tossed her phone on the bed and scrambled to her cupboard. Don’t want to look like I’m trying to impress him, but who am I kidding? Of course I want him to notice me … as more than just a classmate.

LOL tomorrow … Blue Route. Catch a
bus at 10am. Make a day of it?

Thobeka grinned as she read Alex’s response. This is getting better and better. I should wear comfy shoes. A whole day with Alex. Imagine that.

By 9pm, Thobeka had showered and tumbled into bed thinking that tomorrow couldn’t come soon enough.

Two hours later, still awake, she wrestled with her pillow. After a glass of warm milk, she yawned and snuggled into a comfortable position. By the time she’d fallen asleep, she’d decided she and Alex would marry on Valentine’s Day, honeymoon in Bali, and have three children …

* * * * *

Thobeka almost salivated when she cast her eyes over Alex, framed in the doorway. The black muscle top clung to him like a second skin, camo pants showed off his narrow waist and powerful legs. His feet were dressed in black sneakers. A pair of aviators finished his rugged, metro male look.

“Looking fine, Ms Ideo Locator.”

Thobeka twirled around. “Thanks. You’re looking super fine yourself.”

We are so going to turn heads today. So glad I went girly, instead of jeans, she thought as she smoothed down the billowing folds of her pleated, high-waisted maxi skirt, in shades of pastel. Her white off-the-shoulder top was showing just the right amount of glowing skin and gladiator sandals wrapped her feet and calves.

“Let’s hustle, pretty lady. Don’t wanna miss our ride.”

“Okay, let me grab my bag.”

* * * * *

“Alex! Over here.” A hunk of granite ambled their way. Muscled arms, that looked like they could shred lead like paper, waved.

The guys hugged when they reached each other.

“Thobeka, my best man, Chris. Chris, my prodigy, Thobeka.”

“Hey, Chris, nice to–” Thobeka began, then her eyes bulged as Alex kissed Chris – on the lips. A lingering kiss.

“And then, chommie?” Alex had swung around and caught Thobeka’s expression “What’s up with that look?”

“You … you kissed … I mean …”

Alex looked at Chris, who smiled and shrugged. “Hayi,” said Alex and placed an arm around Thobeka’s shoulder. “You didn’t know?”

Thobeka shook her head.

“Userias? Everyone knows I’m as gay as Cape Town is windy.”

“But, you … you don’t look or sound … you’re like … normal.”

“Being gay is my normal. We don’t all feel like females trapped in a man’s body.” Alex flexed his biceps and chuckled. “You’re confusing sexual preference with being trans-gender, and all the other types in-between.”

“But today … you … me…”

“Oh!” Alex stared at Thobeka. “Yoh, I’m so sorry if I gave the wrong impression.”

Thobeka felt the rush of crimson rise from her toes to her face. “Nah … it’s cool … really.” She giggled. “You didn’t ‘give’ anything. My bad for thinking you’re a good catch!” That’s one way to crush a crush.

Chris draped an arm across Alex’s shoulder and pulled him close. “I don’t blame you ― he’s hot and humble.”

Introductions and awkwardness out of the way, the trio enjoyed a fun, relaxed day together. As they waited for the bus home, Thobeka smiled as she gazed at Alex and Chris.

Aaw, they’re awesome – they didn’t even make me feel like a third wheel, but what a loss. I should research what being gay is all about and write a story around it some day.


Tell us: Were you as surprised as Thobeka about Alex being gay?