Rozena started typing again.

“What’s that?” Trevor leaned forward to see what she was doing. “‘Bubbles’? Why are you typing ‘bubbles’?”

“The name of Mr Peterson’s dog,” said Rozena. She sat back and pressed the enter key.

“Wow!” said Trevor as text and images filled the screen.

Rozena couldn’t prevent a grin of triumph. “Lots of people use their pet’s names as passwords. Okay. Now to find that recording.”

She plugged a USB stick into the computer, ready for any files she might need to copy onto it. Then she quickly scanned the file names and dates, the smile fading from her face. “It’s just what I thought. These recordings don’t go back further than twelve hours. They expect you to have discovered a break-in, or whatever, in that time.”

“Hurry, Roz,” said Zazi from the window. “We can’t stay here forever.”

“I’m hurrying!” said Rozena. She started the copying process, transferring all the security camera recordings she could find. When that was complete, she pulled the USB stick out and put it in her pocket.

“Okay. Let’s get out of here,” said Zazi.

An hour later they were back in the underground SCRAM base. Colin made all of them hot chocolate, and they sat around the room while Rozena quickly scanned the security footage, using one of SCRAM’s computers.

“Nothing, nothing, nothing!” said Trevor in disgust.

“You’re sure there are no recordings of Devon on there?” said Zazi sleepily.

“I’m sure,” said Rozena, pushing her chair back. “You can look for yourself.”

“Computer genius, hey,” Trevor rolled his eyes. “What a waste. I knew it.”

Rozena bit back the angry words that rose to her lips. Instead, she looked at Zazi. “What now?”

“Now we all go back home, I guess,” said Zazi. “We’ll meet again tomorrow. Think of a new plan.”

Rozena looked away. Not only had she broken the law and gone against her conscience and common sense, she’d done it all for nothing.

Tell us: Why do you think Trevor is being mean about Rozena’s efforts to find evidence?