For a while Rozena let the crowd push her from room to room, trying to see whether she could spot any of the SCRAM Kids, or figure out where the toilets were.

Suddenly she felt somebody grab her by the arm.

“Hey! I know you. You’re that Rising Star girl, aren’t you?”

Rozena turned – to find Devon smiling at her! She looked at him, speechless. Then she tried to smile and nod.

Devon kept smiling at her, saying something that she couldn’t quite make out above all the noise. He looked so friendly; there was nothing in his expression to suggest that he even knew about the trouble she was in because of the drugs he’d planted in her bag.

For the first time, Rozena wondered why he’d done it. Maybe he’d mixed her case up with somebody else’s?

A movement behind Devon caught her eye and she saw Trevor watching her. Had he managed to steal Devon’s phone yet? Rozena felt a rising panic. The music, the people, even Devon’s friendly face, all seemed too much.

Devon leaned towards her. “Hey!” he shouted into her ear. “We’re having a party next week, on my father’s yacht. You should come. Do you want to come?”

Trevor was staring at her, shaking his head. He was clearly trying to tell her something, but she had no idea what it was.

“Wait,” said Devon. “Why don’t you give me your number?” He started patting his pockets. “Now where’s my phone? I’m sure–”

Rozena backed away, her heart pounding.

Somebody bumped her, and for a moment she lost her balance on her high heels.

“Sorry!” she said to the woman, who caught her arm and stopped her from falling. “Do you know where the toilet is? I really need the toilet!”

Behind her, Devon’s voice was raised. “Hey!” he shouted. “Has anyone seen my phone?”

Tell us: Why might Devon hit on Rozena like this, if he framed her?