A group of villagers comes to the river to offer a young girl to appease the water spirit. As a polygamous man with two wives, Buntu has made the decision to offer up his own eldest daughter, who is single, and a virgin. It makes sense to sacrifice one of his daughters as he is already at his best with four daughters and three sons. Among the villagers is Madosini, who has come to administer the ritual. She stands on the riverbed, holding a spear. Buntu’s virgin daughter has only a blanket to cover her body. Two young boys hold a white goat next to her.

Madosini: With this goat and the virgin, we pray for your forgiveness. We pray that our offerings satisfy your hunger and bring back rainfall to our village. We pray that you see this offering as befitting of your forgiveness so that the river will flow again with water. Let us begin!

Madosini holds out the spear and pierces the goat through its diaphragm. It lets out a loud wailing. The two boys hold the goat until it lets out its last breath while its blood flows down the riverbed in the same direction as water used to flow. It is now time for the virgin to become the sacrifice. Buntu, who is part of the audience, turns away. Madosini pierces her spear into the same spot on the girl’s body as she did with the goat. Buntu’s daughter screams. She breathes heavily as the blood flows down from her belly, over her genitals and down to her feet. With so much blood coming out of her, she drops to her knees and then falls face first to the ground. Her blood flows down the riverbed in the same direction water used to flow in.

The villagers hear a fizzing sound as a portal begins to open. A boyish red figure flies out of the void circle. A ruckus breaks out amongst the villagers.

Madosini: Everyone, calm down! This is a nature spirit; they are known to be good. Our prayers must have been heard.

Nokamile: It must be the one responsible for luring the children to the river!

Buntu: My poor daughter was a fitting sacrifice after all.

A warbled demonic snarl similar to that of a Tasmanian devil comes from the void circle.
An enormous serpent flies out of it. The snake rises into the sky. The weather changes, it becomes darker. Gusty winds and drizzle accompany the serpent as it looks down on to the villagers.

Langa: (whispering) She has grown to twice her normal size; she must have devoured Mthunzi.

The villagers run away up the valley to their homes. Madosini, Buntu, Nokamile, and Linda’s grandmother remain, watching the serpent.

Buntu: Madosini, does this mean our prayers are being answered? Because I do not like this response.

Madosini: I am afraid this is not the answer I expected. We are facing inkanyamba!

Nokamile: How do we stop it?

Madosini: We will need powerful magic to tame it.

Buntu: Can you do it?

Madosini: My powers alone can never tame inkanyamba.

Linda’s grandmother: I can help you.

Madosini: No offence, but an old person’s life force is practically meaningless to such creatures. I wouldn’t want to sacrifice your life for no reason.

Linda’s grandmother: My granddaughter, Linda, was recently taken by the river. I believe that she was devoured by that creature. If she was indeed consumed by inkanyamba then she will weaken it from the inside.

Madosini: That creature has devoured most of the children in this village; I doubt that your granddaughter can affect it in any way, no offence.

Linda’s grandmother: My granddaughter is not normal, you see? She was bestowed with a significant amount of life force from birth. Using your power and mine can awaken her from the belly of that creature.

Langa flies straight towards the serpent and begins unleashing fire.

The snake makes a grating moan.

Madosini and Linda’s grandmother join in and unleash their magic on the serpent. They all coordinate their attacks until it falls to the ground.

As it weakens, it shrinks in size and morphs into a human. Madosini and Linda’s grandmother approach and see that the serpent has morphed into Linda.

The rain pours down and the river starts to get its strength again.

Linda has taken on the powers of inkanyamba: she is able to control the weather, and because of this, Linda will be crowned the Rain Queen.

Langa will be her spirit guide. The serpent had devoured his friends Mthunzi and Mvula, and he believes that they now live inside Linda.

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