Langa and Mthunzi glow as they dive down to the serpent’s hideout at the deep end of the river. The floor is made of the skulls of all the village children that have gone missing. The ceiling appears to be flowing river water. Everything feels enchanted in here.

Langa: Remember who we are. We are a song.

Mthunzi: Yes.

Langa: You have become good at luring children for her. You have forgotten why we started in the first place. We do not work for her. We are looking to be complete.

Mthunzi: I know.

Langa: We are a song. Sing it for me.

Mthunzi: Langa, Langa, yiza ngapha
Mthunzi, Mthunzi, bheke bhayi,
Mvula, Mvula, yiza ngapha
Langa, Langa, bheke bhayi.

Langa: Mvula is who we need to get back from her.

Mthunzi: (approaching the serpent) With this young girl’s life force, our debt should be paid off and we should get Mvula back.

Serpent: Yes, that was the agreement wasn’t it? It would be unfortunate if you two fools did not get your friend back, wouldn’t it? Seemingly, you do not understand the laws of digestion.

Langa: What do you mean?

Serpent: It means once I devour any life force, it becomes a part of me. Now your friend, Mvula, is part of me; so technically, we are friends, muwahahaha!

Mthunzi: No, you were supposed to give her back once we fed you all the children of this village.

Serpent: How naive! Muwahahaha! You mean you couldn’t tell that I could affect the weather in the same way your friend did? I could easily have brought rainfall the way your tasty friend did. Muwahahaha!

With tears in his eyes, Langa takes off into the alluring ceiling of the serpent’s hideout.

Tell us: Are you familiar with the song Mthunzi is singing?