The Best Song Ever

Finally it’s Friday! Mike picks me up for Youth Club and Gogo waves goodbye from the veranda. Mike’s cell phone rings as we leave the house. He reaches into his pocket to get it. Wow, such a smart phone. I hadn’t noticed it last time. I wait for him to answer, but he ignores the call and puts the phone in his pocket again.

Still, we drive in silence, not knowing what to say to each other.

When we get to Youth Club he leaves me to meet the girls on the other side of the hall. I’m about to walk over to them when my heart skips a beat! The bikers are here, getting hamburgers. And there is a new addition to the gang – another girl!

How did she get here, I wonder? Is she with my biker? I’m relieved to see she is chatting to one of the other guys.

I’m trying not to stare, when Nomi comes over. She waves and the girl waves back.

“Hey Nomi, do you know her?” I ask, trying not to sound too excited.

“Yeah, she’s my cousin,” says Nomi. “She’s really adventurous and rides a motorbike.”

The bikers have all got their hamburgers and are walking outside to their bikes. Nomi’s cousin waves again. How I wish I could be walking with her. A biker girl!

Nomi sees me looking longingly at the biker crowd.

“You don’t want to be with them, do you?” she says.

“I’d like to be with the tall one at the back,” I say, trying to make it a joke.

Nomi laughs. “Mike … He’s a wild guy: rides BMX bikes and used to race.”

“Mike!” I say out loud. What a co-incidence: another Mike.

The music starts again, and the girls get together in a circle and dance to their favourite song by One Direction, “Best Song Ever”.

The evening goes by without a sign of my partner, the boy next door. I don’t really mind, as I’ve had great fun with all the girls.

It’s nearly time to go home and I can hear the motorbikes revving outside. I didn’t get to meet Mike and his motorbike, but at least I know his name, I think to myself. How funny that there are two Mikes. I will call the one I am dreaming of, Biker Mike.

We are about to leave the hall when Nomi’s cousin comes in holding a piece of paper. She whispers something to Nomi, who looks at me and smiles mischievously.

“Mike wants to know if he can have your phone number,” says Nomi.

I try to look cool, calm and collected, but it is difficult to hide my emotions.

“Sure,” I say and write my name and number down, feeling a bit shaky.

Nomi’s cousin runs off to the bikers with my number. Nomi looks at me sideways and smiles.

I see Mike from next door waiting by his car. I wave to Nomi and skip out of the hall to the tune of “Best Song Ever”.


Tell us what you think: Do you think Zoe made a mistake giving Mike her phone number? Why/Why not?