Shock and Horror

The ride into town is pretty scary. Mike rides at top speed. I have no idea why he is in such a hurry. I cling on at the back, watching as we race past the Youth Club hall, and carry on into the suburbs. Then the streets start to look familiar. Oh no, we are on our way to Imbali Street!

Now my heart is beating for a different reason. Does Mike know I live on Imbali Street, with Gogo?

Just as I am about to say something I see that the street is lit up with flashing blue lights. Sirens are wailing. Police cars are parked outside and people are standing around as someone is arrested.

I peep over Mike’s shoulder to get a closer look.

I am shocked. The person being pushed into the police car, is Mike from next door! Mike, Gogo’s friend’s grandson, is under arrest!

I glance towards Gogo’s house. Standing in her bright pink dressing gown, with a shocked expression on her face, is Gogo. The quiet little street she lives on is like a movie set. Cops are everywhere and Mike from next door is the robber!

I try to hide from Gogo’s eagle eyes by pulling the jacket over my head, but I am too late. Gogo has seen me. Here she comes, marching across the street. What is Gogo going to think? I am sitting on the back of a motorbike with just the kind of crowd she disapproves of.

At the same time another policeman is walking across towards Mike, my Biker Mike. I am trembling. Are we about to be arrested too?

The policeman shakes Mike’s hand and congratulates him.

“Good job, Mike,” he says.

I look from one man to the other. Then Mike opens his jacket to reveal his police badge.

“Sorry, I didn’t tell you Zoe, I am an undercover cop and we have been after your neighbour’s grandson for shoplifting. Now we have finally caught him,” says Mike.

“Wow!” is all I can say. Biker Mike is a policeman!

Oh no, but I still have to face Gogo.

Actually, she is facing me. I can hear her huffing and puffing in her pink dressing gown. She is going to want answers!

The atmosphere feels explosive. What is Gogo going to say about bikers and black jackets?”

But before Gogo can say anything, Mike reaches over and introduces himself. He tells her he is not a biker boy, but an undercover policeman.

“I’m Mike,” he says. “And you must be Gogo. I have heard wonderful things about you.”

Gogo looks shocked! She looks all round and I wonder what is going to happen next.

Finally, she shakes her head, tuts a few times and says, “Well you can’t judge a book by its cover!”

Now it’s my turn to be surprised. How did Gogo know about English idioms?

Gogo chuckles to herself and walks away to comfort Mrs Zondo.

I turn my head to look up at Mike. He is so handsome, and a policeman too. I shall always feel safe with Mike, my Biker Mike.

This is the right Mike for me!


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