Thrills and Spills.

Another week at school and Nomi wants to hear all the details.

“Did he kiss you? Did you kiss him back?” she asks with wide eyes.

I just nod because I want to keep this all to myself. My first real date and it feels so daring!

“Will he call again?” asks Nomi.

I shrug my shoulders, but in fact Mike has already called again. Talking on the phone and not telling Gogo who it was, made the call even more exciting. My secret is still safe.

Nomi will bring the leather jacket to Youth Club again next Friday. And I am set for another bike ride with Biker Mike. This time I am hoping for a real kiss!

The week never seems to end. But eventually – miracles happen – Friday comes and Mike from next door picks me up. I wave to Gogo.

The Friday routine goes ahead as usual. We arrive at Youth Club and Mike from next door goes off for his burger. I don’t care what he does. I am ready for another date with Biker Mike.

The Biker Boys are revving up in the car park. Mike gives me a hug and lifts me onto the back of the bike.

“We’re heading out to Leopard’s Rock,” he says, as we kick up some dust and leave the car park.

Leopard’s Rock is a camping spot a bit further out of town. I’m glad I asked Nomi to tell Mike from next door, in case I didn’t get back in time, that I was going home with her. My back-up plan just in case I needed one.

What a thrilling ride. Leaving the lights behind us, we speed out to Leopard Rock. There is a hill to climb and I find myself hanging on tighter to Mike’s waist. I’m sure he can feel my heart beating!

My arms are still firmly around his waist. We stop, and Mike turns and lifts me off the bike. Is this the moment for the real kiss?

“Let’s go over there to look at the stars,” says Mike.

I know this is the moment I have been waiting for!

Mike leads me over to a secluded place. When we are out of sight of the others, Mike turns me gently around to face him. He puts his arms around me and lifts my chin slightly while looking into my eyes. My heart is beating as he bends down and kisses me.

It’s my first real kiss. I feel weak at the knees. I lean closer to Mike and put my arms round him, ready to return his embrace.

Suddenly, the magic is interrupted. A buzzing noise, like the one I heard last time, comes from the inside of Mike’s jacket.

“Sorry Zoe, we have to go. It’s urgent. I can’t explain now,” says Mike, giving me a quick kiss on the cheek as a way of an apology.

We rush back to the bikes. Mike signals to the others, and they all rev up and race down the hill. I cling on tightly.

Only then do I realise that we are not going back to the Youth Club. We are heading into town.


Tell us what you think: Do you think Mike is sincere or is he taking advantage of Zoe?