In a short while Lwazi and Lwandile were following Mr Mbaza’s red sports car. They made sure he didn’t suspect them of following him … anyway why would he? He had never even bothered to ask which college Lwazi was at. He thought he was working as a chef, because most weekends Lwazi was working at different hotels and restaurants smoothing out his skills.

“Come on, Lwadz, drive on! We are going to lose this guy.”

“Sure, sure mfe’thu! I have to be careful on the road. Okay there he is. We got him.”

The red sport car was a devil on the road. It seemed to be cruising like a boat floating in the open seas.

“That’s a damn good car he is driving, but this one is also a giant! It’s a tiger!”

“So how did your dad get to work if you are driving his car?” Lwazi asked.

“His old SUV.”

“Yeah, you are lucky man. You must cherish your old man greatly, mfe’thu,” said Lwazi sadly.

“Looks like your Mr Mbaza is heading for that fancy hotel over there. Yeah, there he turns left.”

“Dammit, this guy!” Lwazi hits hard on the dashboard with his fist.

“I think we should stop by the road and just watch him,” said Lwandile getting off the road and stopping for a while.

The spectacular five-star hotel was a few metres away from them. They could see every movement with ease without getting closer. They saw the sports car being parked at the front entrance.  Mr Mbaza, the perfect gentleman, stepped out to open the door for the pretty lady on the passenger seat. Side by side, his arm around her tiny waist, they walked inside the hotel reception giggling like teenagers.

“So what’s next?” asked Lwazi looking at his friend. “How do you tell your mother that her beloved boyfriend is cheating?”

“My mom is going to be devastated, Lwadz. She is going to be crushed, mfe’thu. The way she loves this guy, it’s like he means the world to her.”

“Don’t tell her, mfe’thu. It’s not for you to do that. Let her find out on her own, in her own time,” Lwandile knew he sounded stupid by the look he got from his friend.

“Well, I don’t know! I don’t know what to say to you, mfe’thu. Ndixakiwe. I have never experienced something like this,” he said finally, throwing his hands in the air.

“What do I do then? Go home and watch this bastard smooching my mother while I know what he is doing behind her back?”

“I don’t know mfe’thu! I am just clueless, you know! Yhoo, this is way too much for me.”

“Dammit, we are missing classes! I am sorry for this, Sonny, now you are also missing classes because of me.”

“No worries, we will catch up. I think we should drive in and take pictures of them when they come out.”

Thirty minutes passed by and no sign of Mr Mbaza and his young sweet lady. Another thirty minutes passed.

“I think we should go. You can show your mother the pictures we got while they were at our school.”

Lwazi remains silent. He still wanted more tangible evidence.

“Or what do you think we should do?”

“Let’s wait for them to come out.”

Just then the two love birds emerged from the front doors, walking hand in hand. The lady had changed her little red dress into tight shorts and a cropped vest top. She had huge dark Vogue sunglasses on. She was terribly beautiful.

Lwandile could not help but blow a whistle while watching the lady strutting towards the car, his eyes feasting on her amazing facial features.

“Wow! That chick is hot, hey!” he said finally.

Lwazi zoomed in on them.

Mr Mbaza and the lady stopped by the car for a passionate kiss.

Click! Click! went the camera.

“I am recording as well,” said Lwandile.

“How do I show my mother these pictures, boy? What if she faints out of shock when she sees these disgusting pictures?”

The two boys waited for the love birds to take off and then they took off too, driving behind them until they reached the school. Mr Mbaza dropped his mistress and went on his way.


Tell us: Is it possible that the two boys have misunderstood and the lady is not Mr Mbaza’s mistress? What do you think of the evidence?