One day at the chef school where Lwazi was studying, he was chatting with Lwandile when a car entered the college premises. One thing interesting about this car was that it was driven by his soon-to-be step-father. It was not his own car, just a random car, rented or borrowed maybe? But one thing for sure it was an exquisitely beautiful car.

“That is my mother’s boyfriend,” said Lwazi, watching as the driver parked the car in one of the visitors bays.  “Come, Lwandile, let’s go hide there under the bushes. I don’t want him to see me.”

“You still don’t like this guy, hey?” asked Lwandile, following him to sit under a big tree by the fence.

“Aargh, it’s not that I don’t like him, it’s more about trusting him. I don’t think he is the right guy for my mother.”

“No man, give him a chance, you never know – he might be her soul mate all along,” said Lwandile.

Lwazi said nothing. His eyes were on that red sports car that was shining as if it just been driven out through dealer’s door.

“Why is he not getting out?”

“Are you sure it’s him?”

“Yes, I am dead sure. This morning he was wearing those same clothes. There! He steps out! Look, he is talking on his phone.”

“Yeah, I see him … You know, the latest thing I heard about him is that he is the one who sponsored our local soccer club. People love a guy who is loaded with cash, buddy. They know him as the good guy who is uplifting the community and it might be hard to prove him otherwise …”

“Uplifting the community with what money, Lwadz? Blood money?”

“We have no proof, my friend. We are speculating and you know what, he is friends with the top guns in the police force.”

“If only my father hadn’t left my mother. I hate this … “ Lwazi shook his head. “Why did he have to leave?”

“I think you should stop being angry with your father, mfe’thu, and just take his calls when he calls you again.”

“Eish, Lwadz, you will never understand, boy. Your parents are together. Here I am trying to figure out what to do. It’s hard to watch my mother about to make the biggest mistake of her life,” said Lwazi sadly.

“Talk to your father, boy. At least try to do something to bring your family back.”

“I don’t want to talk to my father.”

“Well, your mother is still young man. And on top she’s hot,” Lwandile burst out laughing as he said that.

Lwazi could not even smile – his eyes were on that red car. “Look! Hey Lwadz, check that! Dammit! I knew it! I knew it.”

They watched as Mr Mbaza got out the car and a gorgeous young lady walked over to him.

The two boys watched the gorgeous looking lady walking towards the red car in the parking lot. Bheki came out of the car, with a huge smile on his face. Yes, he was wearing the same clothes that Namhla ironed for him that morning. The lady approached him, beaming with smiles, while he waited for her with arms wide open.

“Baby! My baby!”

“Did you hear that?” hissed Lwazi, hearing Mr Mbaza addressing the lady with his rich baritone voice. Mbaza embraced her lovingly, and then planted a long soft kiss on her mouth.

“Dammit! I am going to him now. I am going to kick him,” said Lwazi furiously, taking one step forward. But Lwandile held him back.

“No! No mfe’thu! Yhooo! Don’t mess with guy, buddy. You will end up in jail. Leave this. It has nothing to do with you,” Lwandile tried to calm him down. Lwazi was so angry he started crying. He sat down. Tears streamed down his face as if he was a little girl. This reaction shocked Lwandile. He did not know what to do.

“Look, man, he is opening the door for her. Oh my God, this guy is bad, hey!” Lwazi was really heart-broken. Lwandile tapped him on the shoulder and pulled him up with his hand.

“Don’t cry boy! Don’t cry. You know what, let’s follow them.”


“Let’s follow them with my father’s new machine. Come, boy. Let’s see where he is taking her.”


Tell us: Do you think Lwazi’s should give his father another chance?