We head straight to Jamu’s tavern. We meet up with a couple of part-time friends, Cosmo and Luke, we know from our dice days Cosmo and Luke. Cosmo jumps up when he sees me, “Finally! Shit, gents, we’ve been waiting on you since dawn. We only wish to repay you for the delicious sheep from last night.”

I crack a smile, “No worries, gents, we are here. What do you have in mind?”

“How about we start with two cases of Zamalek, and see where the day leads us,” Luke says.

I’m surprised, “You have that kind of money on you?”

Cosmo nods, “Of course we do. We spent the whole night playing dice, we took Mashamplane for everything he had. 400 Rands to be precise.

“Damn, this won’t end well, Mashamplane is a sore loser,” I murmur to myself.

We chill and drink with the fellas until dusk. All along not realising we were being watched.

Nkosi suggests we take the party to his family home. We buy two more cases of Zamalek and go outside. As we walk, Mashamplane approaches Cosmo and Luke, who are walking in the front.

By the time we reach them, Mashamplane is sitting on Cosmo’s chest, punching hard at his head, blow after blow. Nkosi runs to the rescue; he kicks Mashamplane in the face.

Mashamplane falls to the side and a pistol falls out of his jacket. Mashamplane quickly goes for the gun, points it at Luke, and pulls the trigger, but the pistol jams.

We make a run for it, but a few houses down the road I hear five shots fired in our direction. We scatter like headless chickens and run into the neighbour’s yards. Except for Nkosi, who I notice is still on the street, and is running very slowly. I watch him fall and pass out lifelessly, whilst I hide.

“Seun, go check on Nkosi. He doesn’t look good,” shouts Cosmo from behind a shack.

I am scared, so I slowly walk out of the yard and walk up to Nkosi, “Nkosi! Nkosi! Nkosi, are you OK? Can you hear me!?” I shout but nothing, Nkosi is not responding. He just lies in a pool of blood.

We send a boy to Nkosi’s family home. They call the police and ambulance. They come and take us all away. The ambulance takes Nkosi to the hospital, whilst the police take me, Luke, and Cosmo to the police station.

Tell us: Why were Seun, Luke, and Cosmo taken to the police station?