We sit in the garage with only two beers left in the crate. I speak to myself under my breath. “OK, Seun you got this. Even with my empty pockets, I can still get more liquor. If not for everyone, perhaps for myself.”

I get up from my chair slowly and walk outside. I head to the loo to take a leak. I check if the coast is clear, I don’t want there to be a nosey kid or adult outside who may blow the whistle on me when I steal the carcass.

I circle the house. Nice, there’s no one around. Wait, what’s that…the neighbours left a burning braai stand unattended? Jackpot!

I jump over the fenced wall with the carcass, and simply place it on top of the braai stand, then drag it out to the street.

I drag the braai stand to Jamu’s tavern on Sindane Street. I park myself next to the entrance, “OK, drunk folks, here is some lekker meat for you to feast on. All you have to do is bring me booze!” I shout, and take my seat as the self-proclaimed king in front of the braai stand.
People bring me booze and cut pieces from the carcass. By the time Nkosi, Khethiwe, and the rest of the Nkosi family find me, I can barely stand. And there’s only a quarter sheep left from the carcass.

Nkosi rushes to me, “Seun! What have you done? You’ve brought bad luck upon yourself.”

I try to stand, “It’s fine, I will sort it out in the morning. Right now, I need some sleep.” I slur. Through blurry eyes, I see Khethiwe is in shock about what I’m putting them through.

Bab’ Mthembu speaks up, “Let’s all head back to Nkosi’s family house. Seun is too drunk to walk home alone with Khethiwe at this time of the night. It’s not safe, these young thugs have no respect for the game. They are willing to take a life for mere change.”

That’s not how I wish to go out. I imagine a hail of bullets from the police might suffice. I smile at the thought. I get up from my chair only to land on my face and pass out snoring. The sheep is tomorrow’s problem now.

What do you think about what Seun did? Do you think there will be consequences?

Tell us: What do you think about what Seun did? Do you think there will be consequences?