Monday morning 6 a.m. and Dineo was standing at Mr Frances’ table, discussing the weekend emergency trip to the vet with his dog, Lily, when Mimi passed by and said, “Table 7 is here.” And sure enough, there was Lame, smiling in her direction.

She got his tea and a menu and set them down on the table. “Well good morning, Lame. Great to see you again.”

“Yes,” he said and seemed suddenly shy. “Did you have a good weekend?”

“Sure. Slept most of it; cleaned my flat. Nothing big. You?”

“Yep, it was good.”

There was something odd between them now, nothing like Friday night when everything seemed flow easily. Maybe it was being in the restaurant, her working and all. She took his order and left him alone.

“So?” Mimi asked.

“Yeah, he’s a nice guy. Lame is his name. We went for a drink Friday,” Dineo said.

“Really? How’d that happen?”

“By accident really. We just ran into each other on the street.”

“Hmmmm …”

“What does that mean?” Dineo asked.

“Nothing. Just seems like an unlikely coincidence. Cape Town’s huge.”

“Yeah, but on a Friday night everyone’s downtown. It’s not such a coincidence really.”

Mimi shrugged her shoulders. “Maybe. Just be careful.”

“But you were the one so excited about him,” Dineo said.

“Yes, true, but I don’t know now. I sense something … not sure what.”


Tell us: Do you agree with Mimi that something is odd about Lame and Dineo accidentally meeting each other on the street?