Though she thought it would be impossible, for a few days Dineo had completely forgotten about The Lion King auditions. Between the disaster at the club, and then the news that Lame loved her too, her life was like one big roller-coaster and the auditions had, surprisingly, fallen off the radar. That was until Fezile called them all to the studio.

“They told me they’re going to phone us between three and four today. I thought it would be better if we were together. To take the news as a group.”

They sat nervously and one-by-one cellphones began to ring. The phone would be picked up, the news given, and then celebration, because one-by-one the members of Kaleidoscope were being chosen to form the cast. Dineo watched as her troupe-mates got their calls, and still her phone did not ring.

Fezile had been wrong; it was not better being all together. Now she would feel even worse if she didn’t make it – she would not only be disappointed for herself, but she would feel like she had let the entire troupe down.

The phone calls finished. People were hugging and congratulating each other. After a few minutes, Fezile realised Dineo had not received a phone call.

“It’s OK. They said they would phone even if they weren’t taking you. We just need to wait and be patient.” The group naturally formed a circle around her and when they were settled, their arms linked, their thoughts together, Dineo’s phone rang. She looked down at her phone, afraid to pick it up, afraid to answer it, afraid to know what the person on the other end had to say.

“Go on,” Fezile said. “We’re here for you.”

She picked it up and brought it to her ear. “Hello?” She listened. “OK, thank you.” Then she hung up.

Some seconds passed. The group looked at her and Dineo remained silent.

“And?” Belinda asked. “What did they say?”

“They said they want me as one of the principle dancers and they’re considering me for the understudy for Nala. That’s why they had me sing that day, at the very end. I didn’t even know I could sing that well.”

“What?” Fezile said. He pulled her into his arms. “That’s fantastic, Dineo! Congratulations! I knew you had nothing to worry about; you were perfect at those auditions.”


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