The next day comes and I’m in a great mood. I’ve carefully chosen my blue shirt, because I remember Lilly saying it’s her favourite colour. I remember my dream from the other night and I can’t wait for it to come true. I’m going to dance with Lilly.

Work has never been so slow; time seems to be standing still. Finally the clock strikes five and I head over to the party.

It seems people have ditched work early, because the party is already underway. I can’t see Lilly, but she is the guest of honour, so she’ll make a grand entrance.

I see Pat making his way over to me. We start chatting. He asks about the issue I had the other day with Dave and I don’t tell him that Lilly is the girl or that I was too chicken to confront Dave. I just tell him it’s been resolved.

Finally Lilly walks in. I can hear people’s whispers of admiration. My jaw is on the floor and I’m practically drooling. She really is gorgeous.

She graciously accepts the compliments and chats to people.

Now she’s slowly making her way towards me and I’m starting to sweat.

“Just breathe,” I hear Pat say. He must’ve noticed the look on my face.

“Tumie, you’re looking great,” she says, giving me a hug.

I hold on a little longer than I should. She has the scent of a rare flower and I’m transported to another dimension.

Pat clears his throat and she pulls away.

“Hi Pat,” she says, and shakes his hand. I think she’s blushing.

They start chatting, but I’m so distracted I have no idea what they are talking about. How can a beautiful woman like Lilly hold a conversation with geeks like Pat and me?

They’re laughing and I realise they are talking about me. I smile. I have no idea what they’ve just said.

Not long after, Lilly is whisked away from me. I sigh, relieved that my sweet torture is over, hopeful that I will see her again and dance with her.

“You need to tell her how you feel before she’s snatched away,” Pat says.

Is it that obvious?

“She’s out of my league,” I say, defeated.

“You don’t give yourself enough credit, Tumiso. You’re just as great a catch as your dumb cousin. More so, because you have a brain.”

It feels good to be told these things by my supervisor, but they mean nothing to me. They can’t help me with Lilly.

“Besides, she likes you,” Pat says and walks away.


Question: Do you think Lilly likes Tumie?