On Friday night I take Dave out for drinks to celebrate his birthday. He’s in great spirits and I’m a nervous wreck.

As usual, Dave doesn’t notice.

“So, what do you want to do tonight?” I ask.

“Party. This may be my last birthday as a single man, so I’m gonna make it count. I’m gonna score,” he says, as two girls walk past our table into the restaurant.

“Oh. I take it …” I can’t bring myself to say it, “you and Lilly …”

“Not yet. That woman knows how to play hard to get.” He raises a hand to get a waiter. “But Dave always gets what he wants. She’ll be mine.”

I think about what will happen to Lilly if she is interested. What if this plan backfires and I end up hurting her?

But all those fears are put to rest when Dave does what Dave does best.

“Give the ladies a round of whatever they’re drinking.” He gives the order to a waiter. “Tell them it’s my birthday and I’d love it if they came to join us.”

“Happy birthday, bro,” I toast him.

That settles it. I’m doing this for Lilly, I think to myself, as I down the whiskey in my glass.

The girls come over and we get the party started. As the booze flows, I feel more courageous, ready to continue with the plan.

“How about we go back to my place and continue this party there,” I suggest to the table. Dave gives me a look and his face breaks into a smile.

“Finally!” he says punching my arm hard.

I wince, but the pain is worth it.

“I knew you had it in you!”

I settle the bill and we head for the Uber.

We get to my apartment and I open the door, flicking the light on.


The room erupts in cheers and screams as we stumble into the flat. Dave is surprised, but the look of happiness on his face is clear. Pat walks over to shake his hand, followed by some of his buddies from the Sales and Marketing department.

“You sly dog! You organised this?” he says, turning to me.

I smile.

As Dave walks around the room chatting to people, the intercom buzzes. I let in more of Dave’s guests as he fetches himself a drink. He’s already forgotten about the girls we brought with us.

“Happy birthday, Dave!” It’s Miranda, one of Dave’s ex-girlfriends, with a friend of hers.

Dave is a little shocked, but quickly recovers. He walks over to give them both a hug and a kiss. Then the buzzer goes off again. More guests at the door.

“Happy birthday, Dave.” It’s Cathy, one of his exes. Then Zoë arrives, followed by Thandeka, Lorcia, Thandi, Rifilwe, Rose, Nolitha … The girls keep pouring in and soon Dave doesn’t know what to do. We’ve got him.

Then the moment I’ve been dreading arrives. Lilly is at the door.

Now I can see the sweat on Dave’s face starting to pour. His exes are here and there’s no escape for him.


Question: What do you think will happen next?