Zoey opened her eyes in the dark room and tried to remember what had happened. Then she saw Tendai’s tiny limp body in the corner. She rushed to him, he was still alive, but bleeding heavily from a wound near his stomach. She held him for a minute, rubbing his cheek.

“T, I’m getting us out of here, hang on.”

She got up and looked around the room. It was small with a single, small window secured with burglar bars. The door was locked as expected. What could she do?

When she turned back towards the corner, she spotted something familiar. There was little light, but when she bent down, she saw it was Mickey. He was dead, the cause obvious—a slice across his neck. She stepped back in horror, but knew she needed to get a hold of herself if they were to survive this.

The window of the room looked out on Makoro Drive. The road, even at the busiest times, rarely had much traffic. It had to be late because the road was completely abandoned now. Still, Zoey took off her white T-shirt and held it, pushing her arm out the window through the bars avoiding the glass shards still not replaced. She swung the T-shirt back and forth hoping that someone might see it in the dark and wonder what was going on inside the house and come to investigate. She would keep swinging until her arm fell off; eventually someone had to see, she had to believe that.

After a few minutes, she heard a noise at the door. She quickly pulled her arm in, put her shirt back on, and laid back down as if still unconscious. The door opened and light flooded in, but then it, thankfully, closed again and she heard the lock click back into place. She went back to swinging her shirt out the window.

She must have fallen asleep and woke up to find that she’d dropped her t-shirt out of the window. Now what could she do?

Then she heard something. She sat very still so she could hear. Someone had pulled up outside. Zoey pushed her head against the burglar bars to try to see. She could here them open the gate, though she couldn’t see who it was. She heard a voice and she recognised it, it was the police officer they’d spoken to at the station.

“Help us!” Zoey screamed out the window. “Help us!”

There was only silence in response. Then the door seemed to close. Was he leaving?  Hadn’t he heard her? She was certain Kopano would have heard, though.

She hurried to Tendai. She picked him and carried him to the darkest corner of the room, the corner where Mickey lay. Tendai was still breathing but she wondered for how much longer.  And what would happen to them when Kopano arrived, for he surely would now that she’d stupidly screamed.

Suddenly, there was lots of loud noise and shouting in the house. After some minutes the door burst open. In the light was her mother. Zoey stood with Tendai and rushed to her. rushed in with a different police officer.

Behind her were the police officer and the ambulance people. The police officer held out his hands to Zoey. “Let us help your brother.”

Zoey let him take Tendai. The police officer handed him to the ambulance woman behind him.

“He’ll be alright,” the woman said. “It looks like the vital organs were missed.” They took him away on the stretcher and Zoey and her mother followed, her mother still holding her tightly around the waist.

“I thought I’d lost everyone now,” her mother said, letting her tears flow uncharacteristically.

“We’re fine,” Zoey said. “We’ll be fine now.”

They got in the car and followed the ambulance. Zoey looked out the back window just in time to see Kopano walking to the police car. He held up his handcuffed hands and waved at her, smiling.


Tell us: What do you think will happen to Kopano? Who do you think is to blame for what happened, if anyone?