Sipho had been in love with Kamvi for years; from Grade 3 even. He had been friend zoned, which was a fact that he knew and had almost accepted. But Nikita would never stop teasing him with her intentions of winning Kamvi for herself.

And that was something Sipho could not and would never accept.

“But wait,” said Nikita, putting up her hand and catching the small white ball in its palm. “There just might be a new contender …”

Kamvi stood up. “Shut up Nikita! I hope this isn’t going to be how you will behave the whole year, cos if it is you and I are seriously going to come to blows!” she snapped, and stalked angrily out of the room.

“Can’t you take a joke Kamvi?!” called Nikita after her, putting her bat down on the table and moving to pick up her school bag.

“What did you mean anyway?” asked Sipho, following Nikita out into the corridor.

“Leave it,” said Nikita angrily. “It was just a joke. It meant nothing at all!”

Kamvi had in the meanwhile returned to her room. She gathered her books and checked her face in the mirror.

With relief she locked her door as she left. Matric meant not only her own room with her own bathroom, but also her own key. Privacy at last, she thought to herself.

The hostel was emptying, all the students having trailed slowly out to their classrooms. Kamvi was one of the last to leave, and as she passed through the entrance hall she caught a glimpse of Steve. He was carrying a suitcase and was opening one of the staff flat doors on the ground floor.

Kamvi stopped in her tracks.

At the end of the passage Steve opened the door, slid his case into the room beyond, and then locked the door again. He was late for class. He locked the door and turned.

Kamvi and Steve saw each other. He raised his hand and smiled.

“Wait up Kamvi,” he said loudly and clearly. “How you doing? Made a start on the book yet?”

Kamvi smiled awkwardly and shrugged. “A little,” she said softly.

Steve caught up with her, and began walking next to her, talking loudly as he did so.

“Well we better move it,” he said cheerfully. “We’re gonna be late!”


Tell us: Do you empathise with how Sipho feels? What do you think of Nikita’s behaviour?