In the hostel the boy’s bedrooms were on one end of the building, behind a big security gate that was locked at night. The girl’s rooms were also behind a locked gate. The staff all had keys, and so it was not difficult for Steve to come to Kamvi after lights out, which was what he did.

Kamvi had left her door unlocked. She was waiting for him.

“I will see you later,” was all Steve had said to her, over tea in the common room earlier in the evening. Her stomach had done a flick flack but Kamvi had shown no outward sign of her excitement at all.

Steve locked her door after himself and then found Kamvi waiting for him, seated on the edge of her bed, in the dark. They reached for each other in the dark and their hands found each other’s bodies. And this time they did not stop.

Steve left Kamvi’s bed before dawn and made his way very silently to his own room. Nobody saw him.

Over breakfast Kamvi could not take her eyes off Steve as he sat and ate his muesli. Their eyes met for a moment now and then and then looked away. Kamvi was aware that Nikita was watching her, but she looked back at her and gave a defiant smile.

“Are you completely crazy girl?”

Nikita was in Kamvi’s room again, standing with her school bag in her hand. Kamvi thought she might take a swing at her with it, Nikita seemed that angry.

“No,” answered Kamvi, laughing a little, and spinning on the tips of her toes for a minute, before stopping and flopping onto her bed.

“Oh Nikita,” said Kamvi dreamily, “he is so wonderful! You have no idea.”

Nikita shook her head. “I don’t want to know either, girl. He’s not my type.”

Kamvi looked up. Nikita was actually smiling.

“Look,” said Nikita gently. “It’s great to see you so happy. But you’re playing with fire you know. It’s risky.”

“Speaking of which,” replied Kamvi, picking up her suitcase, “I think Sipho is the one I need to worry about. He’s super angry that I’m not taking him to the Matric Farewell, and that I’m going with you. He damn well threatened me!”

Nikita frowned and shrugged, “Oh well. He’s been threatening me for years Kamvi. Don’t you worry about him. His bark is worse than his bite. Worry about Captain America.”

The two girls left the room together. Kamvi smiled at her friend.

“I can take care of myself Nikita. I always have.”


Tell us what you think: Which male is more of a threat to Kamvi – Steve or Sipho?