Zakhele didn’t want to answer. But Lucia was going to be really cross with him if he didn’t. So he wiped his hands and picked it up.

“Why did you take so long to answer?” was Lucia’s greeting.

“Sorry babe, I was busy with a delivery,” Zakhele found himself lying. He didn’t want to upset Lucia and say he was having lunch with Lutho and ignoring her. That would make her really angry.

“But I thought it’s your lunch time?”

“It’s a late delivery. I’ll go to lunch after this.”

She seemed to calm down, and this made Zakhele relax.

“Can you please buy me some airtime? I need to call my uncle and arrange for tonight,” she asked.

“Sure, I’ll send it to you now.”

Again, Lucia hung up before Zakhele could say anything else.

“She ran out of airtime,” Zakhele said to Lutho, disappointment in his voice.

This was not the evening out he had planned. He put the phone down onto the table as his heart broke a little inside.

“Look, we will go out tonight and party like the world is going to end,” Lutho said, trying to cheer his friend up. But Zakhele didn’t answer.

When Zakhele got home he called Lucia to check if she got her airtime. He asked if her plans with her uncle hadn’t changed and she said no, she was getting ready to go and couldn’t speak.

After some deliberation, Zakhele decided to risk annoying her and go visit her anyway, to give her the gift before she left for her uncle’s.

There was a Mercedes Benz parked on the street, three houses from Lucia’s house. He didn’t know the car and was admiring its shine as he passed it. But then he heard a voice he would know anywhere.

It was Lucia, laughing. Maybe the uncle had come to pick her up? But why was he parked down the street and not in Lucia’s yard?

He walked towards the car, and as he got closer, Zakhele watched as his girlfriend sat on the passenger seat with some older looking, dark guy, laughing happily.

Zakhele walked closer to the car, but he wasn’t going to stop and greet them. And Lucia didn’t even notice him as he passed by the man’s open window.

“Ah, come now baby, spend small time with me and I’ll make you happy. You can bring your friends too, but I just want to be with you.”

Through the open window, Zakhele overheard the man speaking in a rich Nigerian accent.

This was definitely not the uncle, he thought as he walked by. Lucia had lied to him, and everything that Lutho had said was true. She was cheating on him!

When he was a few feet away, he turned back to look at the car. The man was now stroking Lucia’s face, pulling her in for a kiss.


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