Zakhele stood in the long line, thinking of Lucia. He wondered how on earth he got so lucky to be with a stunning girl like her. Zakhele remembered how they met. It was one Friday night when Lucia finally spoke to him. She was at the local tshisa nyama with her girlfriends, dancing and drinking. Zakhele was there with Lutho, sitting at a table and watching soccer on the big silent screen.

The place was buzzing, as it always did on weekends. Zakhele had been watching Lucia from the corner of his eye. She was beautiful and all the guys wanted to be with her. But that night she chose him.

Lucia and her girls had been drinking with two older men at a table close to Zakhele’s. When the men wanted to go, the girls had refused, saying they still wanted to have some fun. Soon, an altercation ensued and Lucia was being dragged out by one of the men. He was calling her names and wanted to “get our money back” that they had drunk.

The patrons looked on and just watched as Lucia struggled, trying to free herself from the man’s grip. But Zakhele was not having it. He strode over to them and stood up to the man, pulling Lucia behind him protectively. This angered the man and he took a swing at Zakhele.

But the man was too drunk and Zakhele easily ducked the punch, causing the man to lose his footing and go tumbling over tables. The owner, who knew and liked Zakhele because he was a quiet and good customer, kicked the man and his friend out.

When things had died down, Lucia walked over to Zakhele’s table and asked them to buy her a drink.

Lutho had refused immediately, saying they were heading home. But this was Zakhele’s moment; Lucia had finally noticed him, spoken to him. He obliged, against his friend’s protests, and ended up buying drinks for Lucia and her two friends.

By the time the night was over, it was only Lucia and one friend left at the table. Lutho had gone home with the third of Lucia’s girlfriends, leaving Zakhele to walk them home.

When they got to her gate, Lucia had grabbed Zakhele and given him the most delicious kiss of his life. And then she turned and walked into her yard. That night Zakhele slept like a baby. His heart was so happy that he didn’t even mind working the next morning, babbalas and all.


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