“Hhayi, let’s get inside the shop!”” Amanda exclaimed.

The blanket had slipped off Amanda’s shoulders. Sipho reached down, picked it up and ran off into the tall pine trees in front of the garage. Amanda flinched as the full force of the cold wind hit her. Her blue jeans did nothing to protect her from it.

“Hhayi! Ndoda buya!” she screamed as she ran after him. Onlookers smirked and smiled at the sight of young love, as the youngsters chased each other between the trees and on the pavement in front of the buses.

Amanda was about to give up when she realised that Sipho was slowing down. She picked up speed and grabbed him from behind. Sipho turned around and held her waist as she tried to grab the blanket back. He pulled her closer. She looked up at him and was about to speak when he planted a kiss on her lips. She pulled back and put her hands on his chest.

“Live in the moment, Amanda,” he whispered in her ear.

“But … the people …”

“They are strangers you will never see again,” he said calmly. “Besides,” he joked, “we won’t get to kiss strangers in the afterlife.”

What they had just done went against all her principles but his eyes made her soul sing.

She put her hands around his neck and kissed him back passionately. This time she did not care who was looking.

“But when we get off this bus, we don’t know each other,” Sipho sighed, frowning, as they joined the queue to get back on the bus. The words sounded bitter on his tongue. He wished he could take them back.

Amanda put her lips on his and said quietly, “Yeah, no strings attached.”

They stopped and kissed again for the longest time. They were strangers who had just met. But their passion for each other burned stronger than any other love each of them had had before. Sipho took a deep breath, laughed, and watched the warm mist escape his mouth and he kissed her again.

In his mind, he wished that he could stop time and let this moment happen again and again, as if in a time loop. As for her … his strong arms made her knees go weak.

They kissed on the pavement, shutting out all the cares of the world. In each other’s arms, they were a song, and a whisper, just barely loud enough to hear in all the chaos and chatter that went around them.

They were still embracing in the moonlight, when a woman’s voice ripped them out of the dream they were in.

“Yeey! Move nina zingane!”

As if in slow motion, Amanda looked back to see a speeding white Range Rover – heading straight for Sipho! He threw up his hands and grimaced in anticipation.

“Sipho!” Amanda shrieked.


Tell us: What do you think of the idea of ‘no strings attached’ and getting together with someone like this?